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Approved Tech Razor Edges

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It's a Givin
Intent: To provide Faenrovon with the ability to utilize his wings more effectively in battle.
Development Thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18296-the-fires-of-justice-lords-of-the-fringe/
Manufacturer: Fringe Metallurgies
Model: Razor Edges
Affiliation: Fringe
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: phrik-titanium alloy
The phrik was obtained by collecting the metal from the remains of Zaiden after Ashin Varanin slew him. The Razor Edges are nothing more than a thin, yet extremely sharp layer of phrik-titanium alloy applied to the leading edges of Faenrovon's wings when he goes into battle. It is light enough to allow him to fly, but hard enough to let him use his wings in combat to a limited extent. For instance: a slashing motion capable of cutting through cloth and flesh, but not plastoid body armor.
Classification: Edged-Wings
Size: Two Wings
Length: 96 feet (Faenrovon's wingspan)
Weight: 6lbs
Other Features: barely resistant to lightsabers. Two hacks will cut through it easily.


Stark raving silly
Neat concept. Need Faenrovon's wing-span in here though, just for the sake of record keeping, and to make sure the weight makes sense.

@[member="Faenrovon The Radiant"]
@[member="Faenrovon The Radiant"]

It's your call how wide they'd be. You'd need to add it into the submission, too.
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