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Approved Tech RAW Manipulation Projector

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Son of Triam

Example of Magnetic Clamps utilized in Force Pikes by Imperial Royal Guards, who would likely not be crushed by rocks if they were using RAW Manipulation Projectors...

  • Intent: To create a versatile piece of technology that can be applied to a number of technologies, ranging from weapons to armor, to perhaps even advanced cybernetics, for a select party of people to be awarded via auction.
  • Image Source:
    Screenshot from Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Episode 16 (Family Reunion - and Farewell Part 2)

[*]Canon Link: N/a
[*]Restricted Missions: N/a
[*]Primary Source:

  • Manufacturer: Relentless Akovin Workshop
  • Model: RAW (Relentless Akovin Workshop) Magnetic Clamp/Stasis Manipulation Projector
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Modularity: No (Is used to modify other submission)
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Durasteel primarily
  • Possesses a Magnetic Clamp similar to the ones used in Force Pikes in order to manipulate objects from a remote distance, regardless of the presence of a gravity well.
  • Possesses a Stasis generator that projects an entropy field to suspend targets of movement in a limited capacity.
  • Telekinetic imitation - Utilizing magnetic clamp technology (as opposed to Repulsors which only work in gravity wells), a user can effectively imitate the telekinetic capabilities of a force user by effectively 'magnetizing' ordinarily non-magnetic materials and suspending them using powerful magnetic fields, in the same manner used by some variants of Force Pikes. Additionally, utilizing a stasis generator, and an entropy field projector, any target caught by its influence will slow down significantly to be impeded of useful movement, and their relative perception of time by a small degree. This is intended to prevent significant retaliation from the target grappled by the influence of the device, as the magnetic clamp on its own is not strong enough to physically impede the targets movement entirely.
  • Crushing imitation - Although magnetic clamps in Force Pikes have been utilized in the past to suspend targets, the Manipulation Projector has a secondary setting that will magnetize two objects with magnetic fields pushing them together as opposed to apart. In effect, this means a target can be manipulated to stick to other objects or surfaces (such as the floor, walls, ceiling, other people, etc.) so long as the Projector is trained on it. Once the Manipulation Projector is deactivated, so is the effect.
  • Works in Space - Unlike other applications of technology to imitate telekinetic ability, which often have used repulsion technology, the Manipulation Projector does need to worry about a lack of gravity. Neither is it as prohibitively complicated in the manner of miniaturized tractor beam technology.
  • More Projectors, More Power - Since the magnetization process of non-magnetic objects utilizes magnetic fields to suspend targets in the air, and the inherent nature of the entropy field being unstable on its own, more Manipulation Projectors means more magnetic and entropic fields layered across each other, making both fields stronger and more capable. In layman's terms, the more Manipulation Projectors trained on a target, the higher they will go and the slower they will move and perceive time. At full power and three Manipulation Projectors working in tandem, an individual adult human male can be hoisted more than 4 meters in the air 16 meters away (or inversely, 16 meters in the air, 4 meters away).
  • Non-Combat Application - While the device has an easily weaponized platform, it could be used in a non-combative manner to suspend wounded patients both effortlessly in the air and in time, to slow down the progress of potentially lethal wounds, infections, or diseases, provided there are enough projectors to make a significant impact.
  • Unstable Stasis - Although the projector is intended to impede a target through the use of an Entropy Field, the field is not by any means as stable as a conventional stasis booth, meaning it is not a complete stasis field, and even has the potential risk of accelerating a target sporadically whenever it fails to completely suppress them. This is less of a concern for objects without their own volition, however.
  • Weak Individual Power - An individual Manipulation Projector is really nothing to praise the wonders of, in that while yes, it can lift objects on its own and suppress any movement from a target that has its own volition, there is a weight and distance limit to what it can effect, and additionally what it can reasonably slow down. For instance, a single Projector only has the strength to suspend an adult human male approximately one meter off the ground from a distance of four meters, and restrict some movement but hardly touch the targets perception of time. This can be mitigated with more projectors, which exponentially increase the effectiveness of physical and time suspension properties.
  • Power Hungry - For a device to have this much strength and variety, requires rather staggering amounts of raw power. It burns through a single standard power cell in 60 seconds flat at full strength, meaning for any significant use it should be used in short bursts, and come with at least two extra power cells on hand. For non-combat uses in say a medical droid suspending a patient over the ground, a power generator should be able to sustain a single Manipulation Projector in consistent use for approximately 30 minutes (50% better than a power cell), assuming the patient is approximately a meter above ground and less than a meter away from the projector itself.

The Force is mystical energy that Triam will never truly understand, but it is difficult for her not to try and emulate. It is a challenge she welcomes, and it is a challenge many have attempted with varying degrees of success. Triam tried at least in two different ways to simulate telekinesis for commercial purposes, and one for disarming purposes. However, these items were rather crude in application, sometimes prohibitively expensive or large, and required demanding power draws that were usually external sources of energy (i.e., absorbed blaster bolts, dedicated power packs, etc.). There was also at least one competitor who seemed to have perfected the Repulse Hand technology on their versatile and popular VT-Grav Glove, however, Triam saw an exploit she could use that would improve upon the design by continuing her magnetic field generation, and stasis entropic field generation research.

Knowing that the limitations of Repulsors of any kind required a gravity well, Triam hoped that the extra versatility in her design, coupled with her intricate stasis field generators would make for a powerful product of commercial success. Having had years between Triam's initial pregnancy and her return to business six years later, Triam has created a rather sizable stockpile of well crafted and fully tested Manipulation Projectors, capable of use in all environments with more manipulative functionalities than her colleagues and competitors. Betting on non-force sensitive soldiers, medics, or other organizations to see the use in her devices, she plans to sell them at an auction to a worthy organization that will compensate her with piece of mind, credits, and perhaps bartered items of significant value.

Cairyn Midore

Use may be fatal.
Very interesting concept. Giving how much you mention the use of Entropy Fields, I'd definitely list them as a source, just as you have the magnetic clamps and force pike.

[member="Triam Akovin"]
Son of Triam
[member="Cairyn Midore"] can't believe I mentioned it so much without linking it! I had a tab open almost constantly :p It is done! I also corrected a few misspellings and such I noticed rereading it again.

Also, clarifying question, I chose Limited Production because I am going to sell them at auction, and not knowing what people might apply them to I figured it would give them the greatest flexibility, however, if I go that route would I (being the owner and creator of the tech) be able to keep a few of them for personal use? If I wanted to do that, would I have to drop production down to declare exactly who will receive the projectors?
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