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Approved Tech RAW Magnetic Anchor

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Son of Triam
  • Intent: To create a technological component that will make particular objects fixed with the Magnetic Anchor to be more easily manipulated by the RAW Manipulation Projectors
  • Image Source: N/a
  • Canon Link: N/a
  • Restricted Missions: N/a
  • Primary Source:
    Power coupling
  • Magnetic_clamp
  • RAW Manipulation Projectors

  • Manufacturer: Relentless Akovin Workshop
  • Model: Magnetic Anchor
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market

  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Electronic Components
  • Magnetic Coupling - Utilizing a similar technological system to power couplings, Magnetic Anchors are capable of magnetically coupling with a magnetic clamp to redouble projection strength and stability of projected magnetic field around an attached object. In effect, it keeps both the anchor and projector "clamped" together as if the two items were one. This also allows both the anchor and the projector to share power between the two, although this actually increases the over all energy needed by the two the further away they become, leading to an exponential power demand.
  • Magnetic Anchors - When affixed to an object, these anchors easily attract the influence of magnetic clamps such as the ones used in the RAW Manipulation Projectors, and stabilize those specific fields with increased strength. The strength it is increased by, acts like a second magnetic clamp, meaning that it almost doubles the stability of an acting magnetic field.
  • Extended Range - While initially an object attached with an anchor must be quite close, once the magnetic field has been stabilized onto an anchor point, that object can be manipulated to as far as 20 meters away (25% better than a single standard RAW Manipulation Projector)
  • Superior Close Energy Consumption - Objects with these anchors held within 7 meters of a projector reduce energy requirements by half, and return to a 1:1 energy ration by 10 meters.
  • Initial Range - While these anchors do increase the strength of magnetic fields and their stability, in order to grab hold of them they must be within an accessible range, that range being less than seven meters away
  • Exponential Power Consumption - After an anchor has successfully coupled with a magnetic clamp, it range drastically increases. Unfortunately this comes at a rather steep cost to power. Initially speaking, an anchor held at the 7 meter distance needed to acquire connection the power consumption is very low, almost halving energy requirements. Every three meters after that however, doubles the over all power requirement, such that the maximum 20 meters accrues eight times more energy required to operate than a standard projector.

After Triam created her Manipulation Projectors, she realized that being able to remotely influence things from a distance (technological or not) would require a great deal of concentration and a measure of dexterity. Hypothetically, her projectors could clamp onto any old object along the same path as the object she desired to manipulate. To help mitigate this risk of unintended manipulation of objects and increase the accuracy of her manipulation, she decided she would create Magnetic "Anchors" that would allow her projectors to hone in on exactly whatever object was affixed with an anchor, overriding even her own potentially faulty aim.

At the same time, these anchors could improve the strength, power consumption, and range her projectors could take an object, to a point of course. The farther she pushed her projectors, anchor or not, the more energy she would need, and by that virtue, whatever she attempted to lift would require more energy the heavier it is. So while an anchor can allow her projectors to manipulate an object both further away and more strongly (allowing remote heavy lifting), it would guzzle through her power supply like no tomorrow.

There also comes the issue that not everything in the universe is going to have an anchor, most importantly, attackers will likely not have anchors on their bodies to allow her these advantages. However! The anchors can be fixed to nearly any object, meaning it could be possible to quickly toss an anchor onto an object or person, and so long as they are within 7 meters of her projectors, she could potentially rag doll them fairly quickly! That, however, is highly situational. The intended use of these anchors though, is far more realistic and useful: melee weapon return!

Jedi and Sith alike have been known to engage in what is known as "telekinetic lightsaber combat", where by they can throw their lightsabers in a spinning arc to engage targets and then return it to their waiting hands. Some of them have even been so skilled as to engage in an entire lightsaber duel without once physically touching their lightsaber. A Magnetic Anchor attached to weapon of choice along with a RAW Manipulation Projector would be able to simulate both of these within a limited amount of time and a great deal of energy, but the psychological effects and the surprise factor would be enviable indeed!
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