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Auction Raven's Claw and Tank Auction.

LOT 1 (Main Lot): Raven's Claw

Starting bit: 700,000 Credits.

LOT 2: Land Warfare
We've made more than we've sold or needed, so RMIA is going to auction off a mass lot of some tanks and turrets. The Hellstorm and Icarus class Anti-Aircraft platform were recently proven more than battle-worthy in the battle of Irnfall.

4 Squadrons of Hellstorm Heavy assault tanks (36 total)
4 Squadrons of Icarus Anti-Aircraft platforms (52 total)
4 Squadrons of Hardback-class Troop transports (52 total)
20 Ultraguardian Turrets

Starting bid: 700,000 credits.

Various sale Items
Punisher pistol (Limit 2 per customer)
Dovin-Et (limit 1 per customer)
K-40 All purpose Launcher
>>K-40 Brimstone Rounds (1 Ammo Box)
Ghost shatter rifle
50,000 Credits Each

1) This is an In-Character interaction, feel free to ham it up, the setting is either through online bids or standing in the RMIA office on Roon.

2) You MUST tag whowever bid before you. Bids that do not do this will not be valid bids.

3) No OOC salting. I don't wanna know who's is bigger. You got a problem, take it outside.

4) Have fun.

EDIT: 5) money is good, but also tech of substantial value is also welcome.

Auction ends Monday, the 24rd of April at midnight. Cheers y'all.
It had been a long fething time since Jorus Merrill had been to Roon. Once upon a time, he and the Vagrant Fleet had cleared out Bando Gora and repaired Mungo Baobab’s old route through the Cloak of the Sith. Later, he’d come here investigating a kidnapping and wound up doing serious damage to a Confederate Force temple. He’d earned a million-cred bounty for that, and though the bounty had long since been dropped for political reasons, he hadn’t been back since.

The RMIA office chair was comfortable, but he couldn’t help feeling itchy.

Still, he could get solid use out of the components in those tanks and turrets, and the Wretched Hive was flush with cash from some good solid commissions.

“Starting bid on the land warfare lot,” he said, popping the tab on a can of cheap lum.

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
[member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="Jorus Merrill"]

John was browsing around the auctions as he found himself doing from time to time. Getting an entire backwater system going was a difficult task, and it helped to run into things his company didn't need to make for themselves. This auction by a Mandalorian merc company fit his needs perfectly. Tanks, turrets, and transports would be in demand if anything or anyone ever tried to come stomping around the Pii system. With the Imperials not far away it might not be such a bad idea to go for it. Especially when you considered the typical way they went about their business.

John opened up his com system and sent an audio message, " 800,000 credits for the land lot." He paused for a moment as he looked over that ship quickly. He knew someone who could use a time tested ship like that which had gone through so much and come out the other end. He added on a moment later, " Opening bid on the main lot."


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Damien reclined lazily in his seat, eyes on the main lot. It was a dope vessel. He had to admit...

750 k on main lot, with addition of 100 Zerstören Droids, and should it be wanted droid minds to be installed into them with parameters met by lot owner.

[member="John Ash"] [member="Ardgal Raxis"]
Jorus eyed [member="John Ash"]. "Hundred-kay ante, bub? Bit rich for me. Eight-ten on Lot Two."

A ten-thousand-credit increase was small potatoes so far as this bid went, but it was also the price of a decent mod job - quite a bit of work.

"And," he added, "one ship modification job by the fine upstanding outlaw techs of the Wretched Hive."

BID: Lot 2 - 810,000cr + 1 ship modded
[member="Ardgal Raxis"]

It was a simple message, especially by the Zabrak woman's standards. A short recording of only her shoulders up, all bare crimson skin and black tattooing. "My Lord Ardgal, I desire a set of those exquisite pistols of yours. I suppose I'll be needing a K-40 APL and the matching create of munitions as well. Kisses." The Zabrak's black lips curled in a little kiss before the recording turned to static.

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
[member="Jorus Merrill"] [member="Damien Daemon"] [member="Ardgal Raxis"]

John watched people outbid him shortly after his initial bid. It was expected, but it didn't change the fact he could still use the lots. So he sent a message out.

" 825,000 credits and 1 Courier class shuttle for the land lot. 800,000 and another Courier class for the main lot."

John ended the transmission there and began to browser the other items being offered. He hadn't taken the time yet to do it as his attention had been on the lots.
[member="John Ash"]

Jorus pulled out his datapad, looked up the Courier's specs, and whistled. "That's a couple hundred kay worth of boat you're using to sweeten the pot. Nice little yacht. I'll have to remember this one."

He sucked his teeth, pondering, and came up with a plan. "To tell the truth, mostly I just want those turrets. Bargain with me, I'll give you a fair price for the rest."

He tabled another bid. "Nine hundred kay and the mod job for lot two."
[member="Zenva Vrotoa"]

It had been quite some time since Ardgal had been called "Lord." It stirred up memories. Memories he had long ago had wiped against his will. But they were faint, still, even with his remembrance.

"It will be done, I will see to it personally," He assured with a professional smile.

And so two very expensive, very classy pistols and under barrel launchers were sent to the Lady in--er--the Blood Matron.

Travis Caalgen

It wasn't long after the start of the auction when the blast doors opened to reveal a man in an all white uniform accompanied by two 'death' troopers, moving for the center of the room. The Imperial military director halted and surveyed the room, most notably [member="John Ash"] and [member="Jorus Merrill"] before producing a datapad from the confines of his duster.

Travis quietly cleared his through before placing his bid. "Nine hundred thousand credits, and two Delta-class escort shuttles for the second lot." Caalgen proclaimed, waiting for the displays to update.

(BID: 900,000 and two escort shuttles for Lot 2)

[member="Ardgal Raxis"]


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//825,000 credits, a hundred of the aforementioned droids, and one each of the JLC Cruiser and JBC Cruiser on the dope ship

Alongside another of each of the aforementioned cruisers and another dozen droids to back [member="Jorus Merrill"] and his bid\\

A salute from Damien would go out to Jorus. Maybe the man might find he could be worked with when the time came that he spoke to him.

[member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="John Ash"] [member="Travis Caalgen"]
[member="Damien Daemon"] [member="Travis Caalgen"] [member="John Ash"]

The simple meeting room became downright claustrophobic. In walked an Imperial officer and a pair of black-armored stormtroopers. Jorus took mental stock of his options in case this went sideways. He wore his battered lightsaber and a basic Merr-Sonn pistol, nothing fancy. If worse came to worst, they would have to do.

But the Galactic Empire appeared content to sit down and bid. Jorus relaxed partially, more so as the tall man with the floppy hair backed his bid and tossed him the suggestion of a salute.

"Nine-ten kay and the mod job, plus I'll throw in a serious toy. Electroray carbine. Think a handheld ion cannon you use like a flamethrower. Great for taking down a ship from the inside or at close range. Plus what this guy's using to back me."

John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.
[member="Jorus Merrill"] [member="Damien Daemon"] [member="Travis Caalgen"] [member="Ardgal Raxis"]

Things were getting out of hand in the auction room it seemed as the Galactic Empire showed up to make a bid on the land lot. What use did they have for "inferior" tech? Didn't matter though and even if things went south he wasn't there to pay for it. He had shown up via holoprojection rather than in person. Too many of these high stacks auctions ended badly. His main issue right now was that there was too much attention on the land lot, and it was the one he needed the most. He frowned slightly at that, but still had some cards to play. The ship he could let go, but he wasn't planning to do so just yet either.

" 850,000 credits, 3 courier class shuttles, 6 firehawk speeders, 1 Scrapper class frigate, and a greel wood desk for the land lot. 800,000 credits, 2 courier class shuttles, and 4 firehawk speeders for the main lot."

John sent an encrypted message to this Outer Rim Coalition fellow, whoever that group was, that stated: What kind of deal did you have in mind?

After that John was finally able to browser through the other items and look at them in more detail. A handheld scattergun that was very nice, a launcher attachment, and box of rounds for the launcher were on there. Good stuff, but he didn't have much of a use for them anymore with his company and system keeping him from taking merc jobs anymore. But then he saw some stuff he could use, the rifle and the lifeform. He raised a brow slightly at them then sent a message to the auction owner that stated: 1 Ghost Shatter rifle and 1 Dovin-Et.

Travis Caalgen

Travis smirked to himself, of course people would be ganging up on the 'bad guys'. He swiped a few times on his datapad and allocated a few resources before once again stating his bid;

"One million credits, five Delta-class escort shuttles, two Tempus-class star frigates, and five hundred B1-A Air Battle Droids, on lot two." He said, not going down without a fight.

[member="Jorus Merrill"] | [member="John Ash"] | [member="Damien Daemon"] | [member="Ardgal Raxis"]


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//825,000 credits, a hundred of the aforementioned droids, and three each of the JLC Cruiser and JBC Cruiser, as well as dual lines of custom arms and armor produced for the men your company ship out, on the dope ship

And the added one of each of the aforementioned cruisers and dozen droids to back [member="Jorus Merrill"] and his bid\\

A quick holonet search showed whom this other man bidding against him was. An owner of a small shop with a few locations. Other than that and completion of at least one high scale bounty, he couldnt find more.

At this rate, Damien was sure the man would be dipping heavily into his companies pockets. How much farther would he go?

He poured a decent level of scotch into a frosty white glass, sipping loosely at it.

[member="Ardgal Raxis"] [member="John Ash"]
[member="John Ash"]

<Simple enough,> Jorus replied through the encrypted datapad connection. <Drive up the price incrementally but tenaciously, let the ghoul win, then track delivery and steal it from him en route. Or just knock him out of the bid and whoever wins sells the other guy what he needs for a fair share of the final price.>

[member="Damien Daemon"][member="Travis Caalgen"]

"Lot two. One-point-oh-one mil, two mod jobs, and the electroray, plus the two cruisers and droids this guy's backing me with."
[member="Ardgal Raxis"]


Mishka's eyes darted left and right as she watched and listened to the older men bidding hundreds of thousands of credits- make that millions of credits on the various lots. Not to mention the vehicles and droids being used to sweeten various bids. The blonde girl took a deep breath and sighed. She didn't have millions of credits, dozens of vehicles, or a small army of droids at her disposal. All she had was the work of her own two hands.

With another deep breath, Mishka steeled herself with determination and raised her numbered sign.


"I bid one blade of the finest craftsmanship, for Lot 1." She said with determination, a thick Mandalorian accent making her words difficult to understand for those not accustomed to such things. She doubted the man would go for it, trading a sword for a starship. But Mishka liked the look of the small ship and was in desperate need of a ship that could quickly get to from place to place. "Forged by the craftsmen of House Larraq."

[member="Damien Daemon"]
(OOC: Mishka carries no datapad and relies on analog technology most of the time. She cannot receive Damien's text message/email.)


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Damien paused his motions, drink mid way to his lips, casting his eyes at the young woman that had placed the most recent bid. Larraq was a known Mandalorian family, one that held merrit...

But she couldnt be serious...

A single blade? He alone offered the potential for a hundred times that, crafted by some of the greatest craftsmen alive, should the lot owner want blades...

He saluted her, crossed a leg over the other, then returned to consuming his drink "If your blade does not buy you this ship, stop by Merr-Sonn, Inc. HQ on Kato'hala. I will outfit a custom ship for you, for your masterwork blade." Damien called after he swallowed.

[member="Mishka Larraq"] (there lol. Changed it to a shout)
I smiled as this auction was taking place. Might as well show up if I wanted the main prize. That spiffy looking ship was just calling my name. It just wanted me to take it out on a ride. Yes dear reader, take that as you like.

Looking at the opening bid, I smiled a little. So little payment for such a nice ship. Placing may name down, with a raise of a hundred thousand, and with a unique item created by Cerberus Enterprise, and any soldiers that the man had to be outfitted with with my Guardian Class armor. They could use it how they want, or even just have an extra set of armor. It was up to them. Looking at the rest of the stuff, I called out what I wanted.

(TL;DR, [member="John Ash"], [member="Damien Daemon"], [member="Mishka Larraq"] [member="Travis Caalgen"], Raising the bid for Raven's Claw to 900,000 credits, One Unique Item for the man of the hour, [member="Ardgal Raxis"], and however many men he sees fit to use the Guardian Class armor, and the use of my Omega Event Metal.

Ghost Sniper Rifle, )

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