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Ravana Lilith Ardat

Name: Ravana Lilith Ardat (Darth Exode)

Faction: Dominion

Rank: Sith Knight

Species: Sith Pureblood (partially Zeltron)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 6'0

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Colour: Yellow, with a slight red ring on the outside, which is more pronounced when she draws upon the Dark Side

Hair: Black, Tidy, Styled Hair. Has a Ponytail, and sometimes a bit of a fringe.

Skin Colour: Blood Red/Crimson

Force Sensitive: Yes, Dark Side Alignment

Strengths and Weaknesses
(Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum):

Force Persuasion/Seduction Techniques, has a Natural Seductive Aura from her Childhood days, that she can't turn off, but she can Lessen and Enhance the effects of the Aura

Lightsaber Combat Expertise, Uses Makashi mainly, with Elements of Juyo, Teräs Käsi, Dun Möch, and Niman

Dark Side Force Technique Prodigy, Able to use Rudimentary Sith Alchemy and Sith Magic, able to you a variety of Dark Side Technique, including Sith Lightning, Force Crush, and others

Well trained in Melee Combat, Prefers to use Kicks, instead of Punches or Elbows

Easily Drawn into a battle of wits, or combat, if challenged or baited

Due to chosen forms of Lightsaber Combat, mainly Makashi, Ravana has trouble defending against blaster fire, especially the rapid kind, and is an overly aggressive style of combat, even with the inclusion of Niman

Is Underweight, and most of her combat ability is in speed, rather than strength as a side-effect

Hasn't got complete control over her Force Powers, so when she gets extremely emotional, or uses excessive/strong techniques, they tend to lash out and affect ally and foe

See my Profile Picture

Ravana Lilith Ardat was a Sith Pureblood born on Korriban, to a Zeltron Father, who was a disgraced General, and a Sith Pureblood Mother. Ravana was a protégé from birth, killing her drunkard of a father when he attempted to harm her and her mother, when she was only 2 years old, by collapsing the roof of the room he was in, on top of him, leading her mother to abandon her to The One Sith, after this great display of Force Ability. Gaining training, renown, power, and importantly hatred in her service of The One Sith, Ravana moved on, once she had achieved her Knight status, to find Sith artefacts in an effort to gain power, and to build her own Lightsabers, hiding away from the Galaxy, in a self-imposed Exile.

Ravana travelled to Tatooine, and traversed the Dune Sea. During this time, She Slew a Krayt Dragon of a decent size, collapsing a cliff on top of the beast after she had managed to blind it, and took the Pearls it contained in its stomach. She later travelled to Mos Eisley and used two of these pearls, to buy herself some Phrik and Cortosis-Weave Plates of varying size, from black market dealers on the sandy planet. She also took this time to "visit" the Local Tusken populous where she met a very interesting man indeed...
She has Returned in the three years after once or twice, for Krayt Dragon Hunting, a Hobby which she seems to Enjoy.

Next, was Dathomir. Here, Ravana found the Nightsisters, and trained under them for a while, learning the basics of their crafts, and adding to what she already knew. They gave her an athame, which she named Torment, for saving one of the sisters from a certain death, that she keeps sheathed in a necklace around her neck at all times, made of Sith Alchemical Alloy, used for Sith Magic Rituals, especially pertaining to Blood Magic. It was here she found the Blackwing Crystal for her Lightsaber, and stole and salvaged pieces from ancient lightsabers, and left the planet, before the Nightsisters were any the wiser, that she had dismantled treasures of their society.

Korriban, her Home Planet. That, was the place she visited before the end of her self-imposed exile. Here, she entered the dilapidated Sith Academies, and Salvaged all the Metals and Saber Pieces she could, and the Force Guided her to take. For Three Days, Ravana sat before the great furnace of Korriban, in naught but skimpy robes, and poured her Hated, her Lust, and her Anger into the Forming Crystals, her Synth-Crystals. Once they were done, she created her lightsabers from the Salvage, after she had cleaned and repaired the pieces through use of Mechu-deru, creating her blades, Sadism and Indulgence. She also took the time to create Her Armour, The Torso made of a relatively Normal Metal, the Legs made of Cortosis-Weave, which she has yet to name.

It was also here, that she faced her final challenge as a Sith Acolyte. Two other Acolytes attacked her unsuspectedly and she was forced to fight them. Half way through the battle, she realised that one of her fellow acolytes, was her lover. Overcome by Emotions, Dark and Raw, Ravana screamed into the Force, over her Lover's seemed betrayal. Though never meaning to harm her Lover, instead choosing to make them suffer later, her control over her powers slipped away due to the intense emotions she was feeling, and she fatally wounded both of her opponents, knocking the unimportant Acolyte into the Furnace from whence her Synth-Crystals came. Saying a Final Goodbye to her Lover, She cut off a Lock of their hair with her Athame, which she keeps in a pouch on her belt, before ending the Traitor with Indulgence.

Stricken by her Grief and her Sorrow, Ravana wondered wildly for Days in the Valley of Dark Lords, avoiding Tuk'ata Hounds, and the like, She came to a Cave. In this cave was not much of importance. Holos corrupt from the passage of time, Rotted Robes, once of some importance. But that wasn't what drew her attention. It was the Pyramidal Holocron, Resting in a Niche, at the Foot of a Statue... Of what appeared to be a Muun Sith Lord. Taking it, deciding the she had enough of her homeworld, Ravana set course for where her Master's Secret Lair was.

Returning from her Exile, and finding the Galaxy quite changed from what it was, and that her Master, Darth Trahison dead, slain by her own Lover, during Copulation, as Trahison had done to so many others, and as she had taught Ravan to do. Upon finding a Holo from her Master stating that the surviving Acolyte was now a Sith Knight, Ravana decided to join the first Faction she encountered. The Dominion. She did so, in order to continue her training, hone her techniques, her connection to the Dark Side, to Reach the Level of Lord, and the title of Darth once and for all.

Lightsaber, Main-Hand: Slightly Elongated, Curved Hilt, Three-Pronged Guard, Red Blade, Blackwing Crystal Focus. Makes the Blade Look like it somehow turns the very air around it, to ash.

Lightsaber, Offhand/Backup: Slightly Elongated, Straight Hilt, Crescent Guard, Red Blade, Phrik Casing, Krayt Dragon Pearl Focus

Athame: Small Dagger, Small enough to fit in a Necklace and not look out of place, Sith Alchemical Alloy, a Favour from the Nightsisters, used of Blood Sacrifice, and Rune Carving.

Armour: Chest and Legs, Cortosis-Weave on Legs, to prevent them from being disabled by a Lightsaber, Arms remain bare, as so Sith Lightning can be used effectively without fear of the Technique backfiring, though were it to backfire, the result would be magnified due to the armour.

Comm-link, with a Personal Frequency, which she gives out to her Friends and Allies

Sith Holocron, that Ravana hasn’t been able to unlock yet, much to her frustration and anger, found on Korriban, at the foot of a Statue, of the Ancient Muun Sith Lord, Darth Plagueis the Wise, in a Secret Shrine for him

Credits: Amount to be determined, Likely a Substantial amount, due to her selling and Bartering with Krayt Dragon Pearls, for a few years

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