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Approved Tech Ratteler Rifle: Savage Model Weapon System [Purged Submission]

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The Bastard Man
[Epic Games Studios, Gears of War]​
Intent: To create a weapon for Graug NPCs and PC characters who have a valid reason for having one
Development Thread: no
Manufacturer: Graug Forgers
Model: Savage
Affiliation: Graug Hegemony
Modularity: no
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel

Clanky, dirty with a big punch, those are the words to best describe the Rattler, a Savage model of Graug Carbines. The Rattler Savage is a long and menacing looking rifle produced by Graug Forgers for the use of Gruag Soldiers. The weapon, much like Trandoshian weapons, is unreliable at best. Unlike Trando weapons, however, they carry a big punch and a long range.

The Rattler uses a magnetic repulsion system to send large, shaped chunks of Tungsten down range. The weight of these rounds is so heavy that anything less than a magnetic repulsion system would not even give the round grounds to be in a shotgun. Unlike Verpine tech, Graug repulsion systems are not as cut and clean. They tend to make a lot of noise when fired and this gun has a mechanical rattling to accompany its firing. The massive rounds fired down range by the weapon are strong enough to penetrate, or simply crush in, most medium to light armors and can deal decent damage to heavy ones. Being that it is a semi-automatic magnetic repulsion system and a rather large one, the weapon has an effective range of about 165 meters.

There is a downside, however, as the weapon gets increasingly unreliable after prolonged use. It is not uncommon for the weapons to suddenly and spontaneously burst into flames or to have a malfunction with the repulsion device that, instead of just the round, send the whole front of the weapon flying off. This is why a blade has been mounted on a detachable grip so it can be wielded if a malfunction occurs and it also serves as a CQC weapon on the gun itself.

Classification: Rifle
Size: Handheld
Status: Illegal
Length: .9 meters
Weight: 7.20kg
Ammunition Type: Physical
Ammunition Capacity: 15 round magazines
Effective Range: 165 meters (Maximum)

[link to orignal approved submission below]


Null Prime
Some comments:

1) Please provide a link and credit for the image.

2) What's the rate of fire for this weapon? Is it semi automatic? Automatic? Burst? Etc.

3) The description of the high-mass tungsten projectiles does not jive with the ammo capacity of 30 rounds. From the description, it would appear that ammunition capacity would be at a premium because the tungsten projectiles are described as so heavy and dense.

4) I would like to see the weight increased to at least 6 or 7 kg to include the axe attachment. Also, please clarify the weight: is it unloaded or fully loaded? A loaded weapon would weigh quite a bit more than 6 or 7 kg, given the size of the magazine and the nature of the rounds. Tungsten is dense and heavy.

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks! :)
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