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Rank Structure and Invitations


Alright, notes....

Came up with a rank structure. Just looking for someone to flesh out authentic rank tags for us.

Rosary Sovereign
The political leader of the faction, the prime mentor of its philosophies and ultimately the person who runs the council. Our equivalent of Sith Lord, but more gentle. Typical facton leader rank. It's starting with Saera but only because she will be undergoing heavy training from others and presumably beat everyone else to knight, perhaps even master.

Magnolian Sage (Rose Sage)
As with all of the FU tags, the Magnolia part may be replaced with Rose if the whole title can't fit snug in a tag box. Sages are the masters of the group, adept in one or many fields of knowledge of the group and one of high renown.

Magnolian Knight (Rose Knight)
Pretty self-explanatory. Think Senpai.

Magnolian Monk (Rose Monk)
The equivalent of your common Apprentice and Padawan titles. They are the initiates and disciples of the order, and those still learning, both martially and philosophically.

Coincil Master
Not a true rank but a position on a council of governing bodies. These few individuals are what will pave the way for the younger or fresher Force Users of the group, setting the standards and keeping them organized.

This faction is set to Hidden and Invite+Approval. There's a very good reason for it, it has played a part in a couple of instances of OOC things. Things that should not have been the way they were.
For as long as it is Minor, the Red Blossom will Always be set to invite and approval only, and the forums will remain member read only, save for a public Manifest as per requirements.
If we go Major, which isn't really a planned thing, then we will ease up a little bit on the classification and lift the invite only thing. The group is going to be set back to Public view once it is all set up and finished.

Our teachings. I'm donating the Mnenchei's FU training to this. I am also giving what little knowledge in alchemy I am learning to the group. Lightsabers are already established. Pink and Red, the former for those leaning towards philosophy and balance, the latter for your more classic Dark Side archetype. Hilt art is already finished. As for sorcery, I have Pyromancy/Pyrokinesis coming from Aynea (Ashelotte) and hopefully some basics from one of you wonderful people, the admins.

@[member="Darth Arcis"], I know you have voluntarily helped us in order to protect the group from undermining, but if you can stuff a little knowledge in the Librarium for members to learn, that would be absolutely wonderful and highly appreciated. You're one of the best.

@[member="Circe Savan"], you no longer have to worry about persecution for helping set up this group. It is yours and Saera's plotted legacy. No one will know it is you, and when made public finally, all of your contributions will be put in an archive posted by me, so you need not fear being hated for helping a Sith or Dark Side group that isn't theirs. Contribute in whatever way you can. Remember, it's for your daughter, your student.


Change of plans.
These suck, but they're still just drafts, so I haven't put time into making them absolutely flawless.