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Rakata, the Sand Demon


NAME: Rakata (No surname found)

FACTION: The Order of the Grey Jedi / Jedi Academy Network

RANK: Force Sensitive

SPECIES: Zabrak (Light Skin) Planet of Origin unknown

AGE: 14 years old

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5 Foot 5 Inches


EYES: Brown

HAIR: None

SKIN: Light Skin Zabrak

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, and strong


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses): Quick on his toes and has some skill with a saber, his weaknesses are his cockiness and lack of any real training

Other then his old Jedi robe he found years back, and what already has been told about him, he actually has a lightsaber made out of scrap material he found on his travels with a blue kyber crystal and weird markings on his back, not zabrak tattoos, something different.

He doesn't remember his home world, never knew it, never got told, that's because while he was growing up he was abandoned unknown, to him, his father was a Jedi Master who was hunted down and killed by Dark Jedi and Sith. He grew up on Tatooine from town to town another nickname, the one that travelled with him was "Sand Demon", his skin was light like the sand and the markings on his back were, to say, unsettling and the fact he his force sensitive so he could push around whoever he wanted back then, times were simple, now they're tougher.





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