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Raising Hell on Dahrtag


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Blood ran the streets, coated and soaked into the soil as the Supreme Lord of Darkness moved slowly across the planet. Death was left in his wake, rather a dark undead horde that sought all living things - save the one man the Necromancy would bow to - Penumbra himself. He barely held control over the beings, for the curse was still relatively new. But he could protect himself when they sought him as prey, and for now that was enough.

When he didnt use the energies he wielded to push them back, the Lord spent the rest of the time becoming a living beacon of Darkness. Dwelling in, embracing, loving the darkness as it grew inside of himself. When the time came, he would claim the minds of his army and lead them against the dragon whom destroyed so many lives on his home.

For now though, it was all about growth. In the energies he drew into himself, and for the army he would need against such a threat.

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