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Rains of the Fallen.... (Darron Wraith-Duel)

Darth Torment

Her time among the sith had preyed upon her nightly activities and she had quickly became secretive and distrusting but her life before being a dark sider had always preyed on her mind, she often fantasized what it would be like to one day return to the Jedi, well her fantasies have been answered as she is now going to be meeting with an old friend and mentor from a life restored, as she waited for @[member="Darron Wraith"] she awaited a destiny unknown and found that her life had been full of wrongs and mistakes.

She waited for him in the temple gardens and waited for him to duel her, she liked this master....always had and he was one of the only ones that had ever believed in her from the beginning and she knew she could trust him with a secret that has haunted her since she turned on them, her visions had been regained and she had once again dreamed about a warzone, dead bodies....and towers of would be a chat she could trust herself to inform Darron of.