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Raider Security Enterprises 2.0

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Corporation Name: Raider Security Enterprises and ShipSmiths
Headquarters: Vortusa
Locations: Vortusa
Operations: Shipbuilding, Armor, Droids, Vehicles, Weapons, and Medical Productions.
Rationale: Formed it from the ground up, it was/is originally Isis Fontana's company.

Tier: Tier 3

Due to the bustling world of production in which Vortusa a company was formed to offer better services to not only the world but also the galaxy, as Vortusa has shipyards in space, and factory cities on the surface there was need for a company that controlled and maintained Vortusa's booming production scenes. The world was given an option for it's future, deliver a company to better provide more services and to maintain the production of the world or cease with production all together and focus on other things... This could not have been an option since for the Vortek the productions of armor, weapons, vehicles, droids, ships and medicine was all they had to be proud of.

The Vortek Princess sat down with several Vortek advisers to come up with an alternative solution for their planet, a long six day deliberation brought them close to what they sought yet as they continued their talks they quickly decided on a company that would maintain, control, monitor, and manage their everyday productions and that would allow them to prosper greatly from the trade of their world. They found the only suitable route to take it to make the Fontana Clan the owners of the very company that would regulate the worlds economy and trade through productions of said material assets, so therefor the company of Raider Security Enterprises was firmed and put in charge of the planets productions and trade, ever since the Vortek economy has been booming with greater success.

In it's forming the RSE quickly took control over the planetary productions and quickly set it's own managers, supervisors and support staff on the scenes of the production cities and factories, they also put in place several authority figures that would come into the factories once a month and check for safety hazards and make a report of what they found, The world began to grow more stable and grow more influential in trade after this company was formed and created and the economy of the planet began to boom... But also the company helped to provide for more services for other planets and governments, and other factions and companies for productions of material assets. To this day RSE is a leader on the planet of Vortusa for it's productions and it's oversee's everything that deals in the planet's productions.
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