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The Black Flame
Rapid Armored-Infantry Deployment Drone

  • Intent: To create a deployment platform for the Empire of the Hand that matches the faction style, flare, and story as a fast striking naval force.

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Model: R.A.I.D/D Mk. I

  • Production: Minor

  • Material:
Hull: Hybrid Plexisteel shell reinforced by Turadium substructure

Other: Titanium Magclamps, Durasteel TIE Housing,



  • Classification: Drone Dropship

  • Length: 15.2 meters

  • Width: 12.1 meters

  • Height: 12.3 meters

  • Armament: Very Low
x2 Anti-Personnel Cannons

  • Defenses: Low
Ion Surge Shielding

Deflector Shielding

  • Squadron Count: 12
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low

  • Speed Rating: Very High

  • Hyperdrive Class: N/A



Repulsorlift Field Projector


  • TIE Engine & Light Alloys: The RAIDER is a fast craft for its size, due mainly to its use of light-alloys for the majority of its hull as well as help from the TIE engines it sports for propulsion. This allows the drone to quickly descend through the atmosphere and defense fields- capitalizing on the EoTH's emphasis on quick, strategic insertion of armor and infantry.
  • Ace-6 Droid Brain: The Ace-6 was considered a failure by the Imperial Remnant due to the lack of wit and creativity of droid fighters in comparison to organic beings. However, for the mission of quick armor deployment, there is a narrow need for creativity over speed and precision. The Ace-6 allows for the mechanical execution needed for high-risk, hot-zone deployment with higher quality performance than has been seen from most de-centralized droid systems.
  • Ion Surge Shielding: The Ion shielding of the vessel allows it a moderate chance of surviving direct and glancing impacts from Ion-weaponry, a prime threat for a drone starship.
  • Lighting & Anvil Methods: The drone has two methods of inserting its payload, consisting of a single armored transport or vehicle the general size of an AT-ST. The first is the "Lightning" method, in which the payload is dropped from medium altitudes while the vehicle is close to maximum speeds. The second is the "Anvil" method, in which the vehicle simply lands to unload its payload. When retrieving a vehicle from the ground, these same vessels can be used without need for a complete landing thanks to the Repulsorlift Field that allows it quick lift to the magclasps.
  • Repulsorlift Field Projector: A cutting-edge innovation using Repulsorlift Field technology, which allows a generator to project bubbles of gravitational fields as opposed to the "blankets" that allow repulsor vehicles to glide across the air. This field is used to project a temporary bubble lasting seconds that catches an AT-ST or similarly armored vehicle mid-drop if deployed using the "Lightning" method of insertion. This allows the ship to drop its payload without slowing down as the field will catch the vehicle, slow it to a near stop and allow it to land on the ground unharmed. This field can also be used to project directly in the flight path of the vessel, allowing for quick, safe deceleration for landings.
  • Low Armament: To cut down on the dead weight that would slow the vehicle down, it has only been given two anti-personnel blasters and the ability for the AT-ST to fire in a limited 60-degree arc in front of the craft. These are in no way well placed or well powered enough to serve as air-combat weapons and can only play a small role in clearing landing zones.
  • Low Defense: The vessel is also not equipped to spend long-periods within a zone of fire, as its shields are both weak and inconsistent in coverage. The main focus of the shields is to the forward arc of the ship to allow it to pierce through enemy defenses to drop its payload. The back and sides are less shielded and require the vessels to have at least a single escort in most situations.
  • Low Maneuverability: The vessel, while able to make quick stops if traveling in one direction, is unable to quickly change direction while traveling at optimal speed. This creates a problem if the vessel is tailed without an escort as it cannot take necessary evasive maneuvers to outfly a dedicated starfighter or interceptor.



The RAIDER is a single vehicle capacity drone meant to allow quick capture of orbital and planetary assets for a force that relies on the speed of insertion for most of its ground operations. The quick insertion of AT-STs, Armor Personnel Carriers, Tanks, and other armor allow for footholds to be gained quickly for the deployment of heavier weapons and armor in a timely manner, leading to a growing force of allied combatants without the loss of momentum.
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Pardon the delay! Let's get started!

Firstly, you're missing a couple headers there - Standard Features and Advanced Features particularly. Every section of the Template has to be filled out. Please adjust that accordingly.

Please assign a squadron count to this submission. This will determine how many of these Drones can fit in a capital ship's hangar. Listing it as N/A means you can theoretically field an unlimited number of these per engagement. Given the dimensions, I'd recommend a count of 12, but your ratings give you a little freedom here!

You do not have permission to utilize the Pulsed Ion Engine, Mk. II submission, please select a different unit.

Once you've made these changes, we'll proceed further!
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Minor nitpick, switch Special Features to Advanced Systems and I'll pass this up!

(Also, you don't have any standard features listed, you can list normal things there - such as deflector shields, standard navigational systems, etc.)
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