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Approved Tech R7-CD9

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Corey's OOC

The Corey
Intent: To provide information on Marek Starchaser's uniquely modified R7 Astromech
Development Thread: Will create if required
Manufacturer: Industrial Automaton
Model: R7 Astromech Droid
Affiliation: Marek Starchaser
Modularity: Minor
Production: Unique
Material: Duraplast
Description: SeaDee is the astromech that has been purchased by Marek Starchaer. This droid is to provide assistance that the standard Templar Seeker droids are not able to assist with. SeaDee assists in piloting Marek's recently purchased MC15 Shuttle as well fill a multitude of roles. These roles include basic mechanics, computer hacking, life systems scanning and mapping.
[SIZE=10pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Second Degree[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]Weight: (Via Metric System) [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]40 KG[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]Height: (Via Metric System) [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]0.96 meters[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]Movement: [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Bipedal/wheels[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]Armaments: [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Arc welder[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt]Misc. Equipment: [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]System diagnostics package, grasping arm, upgraded flight performance package, loudspeaker, computer interaction package, SONAR/Radar scanner, biological signature scanner[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=10pt](Not sure if this needs to be posted, but it'll let me link it to my profile)[/SIZE]

War Hydra

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Is this ready for review yet?

If not, you have 24 hours to finalize this submission before it is moved to the archive. If we move it to the archive, we'll bring it back out once you have come up with all the fine details and are ready for review.
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