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~incomprehensible otherworldly screeching~
  • Intent: (Example: 'An advanced protocol droid for the Kathol Republic')
  • Image Source: (Please link to where you found the image, or to the original artist if possible. TinEye or Google Image Search can help.)
  • Canon Link: (Please link the canon link if applicable canon item.)
  • Permissions: (Please link any Marketplace purchase approvals or other permissions to use other Writer’s submissions as part of the submission)
  • Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in the submission.)
  • Manufacturer: (Kuat Drive Yards, BlasTech Industries, [Character Name], etc. Please ensure you link these accordingly.)
  • Affiliation: (Individual Character Name (an individual PC/NPC who is permitted to use this item), Company Name(s) (Companies authorised to use this submission), Faction Name(s) (Factions authorised to use this submission, Closed-Market (Any character can use this if they have explicit permission through, for example, a marketplace purchase), Open-Market (May be used by any character without permission from the Manufacturer), other potential options include a submitted NPC unit, or another general organisation/group.)
  • Model: (Example: E-11 Blaster Rifle. For submissions where a model wouldn't be appropriate, such as a custom walking stick, put 'N/A' for 'Not Applicable'.)
  • Modularity: (Can components of this submission be swapped out for other components? Is it especially easy to modify? For most submissions, put 'No'.)
  • Production: The scale is Unique (Only One Character), Semi-Unique (A single small unit, squad, or squadron), Limited (Only one small group of characters. IE: A Single Minor Faction, Company, or Group within a faction.), Minor (Large groups of characters. (IE: A Single Major Faction, a few companies, or groups.), Mass-Produced. (Anyone.) Characters refer to NPCs & PCs.)
  • Material: (What is it made out of? Certain materials are more resistant, or vulnerable to certain weapons. Example: 'Durasteel, blaster components.' If this submission uses materials not found on wookieepedia, please link. You may also be asked to link materials that are obscure or difficult to find, e.g. exist as a byline in wikia entry. )
  • Classification: (First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree, Fourth Degree, or Fifth Degree)
  • Weight: (Please choose a weight between Extremely Heavy, Very Heavy, Heavy, Average, Light, Very Light, Extremely Light)
  • Height: (Please choose a weight between Extremely Small, Very Small, Small, Average, Large, Very Large and Extremely Large.)
  • Movement: (Repulsorlift, Wheels, Tracks, Bipedal, Quadrupedal)
  • Armaments: (What weapons does the droid possess, if any?)
  • Misc. Equipment: (Sensors, scanners, shields, etc.)
  • Resistances (Optional): This is suggested for Battle Droids and other Droids intended to participate heavily in direct combat. (For each category choose from: None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, Extreme. Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.) Resistance Ratings Extreme will require the submission to be Unique.
    • Energy (And other Blaster type weapons): How much protection does the armor provide against this type of damage?
    • Kinetic: How much protection does the armor provide against this type of damage?
    • Lightsabers: How much protection does the armor provide against this type of damage?
    • Other: How much protection does the armor provide against this type of damage? (Examples: Sonic, EMP/ION, Elemental. You must disclose each specific type that applies to this submission with its own rating.)
  • (Detail briefly in a list format actual contents of the known abilities, special features, qualities of note, etc. - If these are notable enough to be strengths, please add them to strengths )
  • (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)
  • (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)
(Describe some of the histories behind the submission. Give us some idea of how it might perform its function, what it excels against and what some limitations of it are. This is where you talk about your idea, flesh it out over at least a good-sized paragraph, and address some of the ways it might be used or abused. For especially powerful or ambitious submissions, a very thorough description is recommended.) All droid characters must be approved through the Factory if their droid models are not canon.
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