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R2-A9; Astromech




A still of Artoo-AyNine looking out into the distance, and contemplating the vast mysteries of the Galaxy...
R2-A9 // AKA: AyNine
Male Characteristics

Astromech // Companion

R2 Unit
0.96 Meters'
|[Last Memory Wipe]|:
Unknown, presumed never




What more could a pilot want from a companion than an Astromech? AyNine has all the tools of the trade, and all the mechanical guts to use them in any situation he and his companion might come across. As a result of his programming, he's an incredibly talented engineer and slicer - handy for a smuggler to have around...

Nobody has ever managed to wipe AyNine's memory, and as a result he's developed an incredibly complex personality. Because of this, AyNine is loyal, stubborn, and frequently gets lost in his own thoughts when he should really be working - but nobody seems to mind, because he often provides comedic relief to a situation. It also makes him more perceptive to the Galaxy around him, which in turn allows him to think outside the box when it comes to fixing problems.


AyNine is a droid. And as a droid, his emotions and ability to survive EMP's are greatly reduced.

He doesn't do all that well in water, or subzero temperatures, and any electrical discharges have a strong chance of paralyzing him.
Or, as Cytheria likes to call him: Git.
Due to the personality AyNine has built up over his lifetime, he often decides he's not going to do something.
This frequently causes trouble, especially when repairs need doing...

AyNine serves on board the Vors-Ka - a generic light freighter modified for smuggling and slipping by unnoticed wherever possible. The Vors-Ka is roughly eighty eight meters in length, one hundred meters in width and twenty seven meters in depth. It comes equipped with a basic, albeit tinkered with hyperdrive. Due to its use as a smuggling craft, AyNine frequently finds himself repairing the modified heavy shield on a regular basis. The two Soniver Arms HSG-67 cannons and missile batteries on the ship have been left exactly how they were purchased, but AyNine makes a point of keeping them running as efficiently as possible. The Vors-Ka can be manned by a single individual, and AyNine has been known to pilot it when his long time friend, Cytheria Vox is sleeping.


Just another Astromech. Atleast, that's what AyNine looks like on the outside. On the inside, this plucky little droid is packed full of tech. AyNine's central computer is one of the old Intellex IV's, which features roughly 700 different spacecraft configurations. The Intellex IV also comes with an impressive sensor package - a full spectrum transceiver, and electromagnet, heat, motion, and lifeform indicatiors. AyNine also has a fully maneuverable video sensor which is deployed from his head, allowing him to peek over the top of obstacles or peer into enclosed spaces - Handy, considering how often he spends repairing the Vors-Ka. Aynine's outer shell is made of streamlined Durasteel, and conceals his impressive array of tools - two manipulator arms, an electric arc welder, a circular saw, a computer interface link arm, a holographic projector and recording unit, an internal cargo compartment (which often plays host to a backup blaster for Cytheria), and of course, a fire extinguisher just in case any situation gets too hot for his human counterparts to handle.
Because AyNine has not been subjected to any recent - or apparently any memory wipes, he's developed a very headstrong and self-reliant disposition - Indeed sometimes, he's so stubborn that Cytheria has a hard time getting him to do what he's meant to be doing. However, this also means that AyNine develops friendships. And that's just what he's done with Cytheria Vox. He views her not just as someone who owns him, but also his best friend. AyNine would happily sacrifice himself if it meant Cytheria could go on living, and while he doesn't always show it, in times of strife he's the most loyal companion Cytheria could wish for. Because of his lack of memory wipes, AyNine is also very aware that he's a smuggler, and has developed a large amount of satisfaction from evading capture by law enforcement agencies over his lifetime. Alongside this self awareness, AyNine is also aware of the Galaxy, and frequently philosophizes on the greater mysteries of life, the universe, and everything. He never seems to tell anyone what he's thinking about though...

Droids don't kill people, Blasters do.

While AyNine has been working with Cytheria throughout the Galaxy, They've yet to find a major break. As a result, there's no smuggling jobs he's done that're really worth talking about.



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