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Calm like a Bomb


NAME: Quvox

FACTION: Jedi Praxeum

RANK: Padawan


AGE: 18

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'10"

WEIGHT: 168lbs

EYES: Brilliant Green


SKIN: Dark



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+Intelligence: Quvox is a highly intelligent and well-educated being, knowledgable about many different kinds and types of subjects you can find in the greater galaxy.
+Tenacity: Fiercely strong-willed, Quvox is a stubborn and determined individual who will always do what he feels is right, and has a bad penchant for not giving up.
-Stumbler: Due to being raised to not speak Basic whenever possible, Quvox could hardly be called articulate, and in his young age is still somewhat anxious about trying to use it for anything resembling diplomacy.
-Hatred: Like many Ubese, Quvox was raised in a violent and hateful environment, with much hate directed towards the Jedi. He has a tendency to despise what he sees as evildoing and has to work hard to control such a flaw; along with this, many of his own race would despise him for his dedication to Jedi ideals.

Quvox's tone is exceptionally dark by the standards of the usually very fair-skinned Ubese, having a complexion that would be considered in the darker spectrum for most standard human or near-human groups. His head is entirely shaved and he has brilliant green eyes that contrast greatly with the rest of his appearance. Sitting at a rather standard height for humans and near-humans alike, Quvox has a lean but muscular build from regular exercise and training.


Born on Uba IV as one of the 'True Ubese', Quvox was the third child in a large family. He was considered relatively unimportant when compared to his older brothers, who he was constantly compared to, and was expected to care for and attend to his younger sisters at nearly all times. His parents would often scavenge and hunt what they could wherever they could on the wretched excuse for a homeworld they were left with, forced to walk for miles in scorched ruins and empty sea beds that once held vibrant colours and all sorts of life. Quvox's unusual tone and more Human-like appearance was considered unlucky by most Ubese that he came across, and this made his parents regard him with even more disdain.

Quvox's early life was filled with this parental hatred as he doubled not only as a child growing up but as a caregiver, making sure that his sisters did not starve. His two older brothers got the best food and supplies, always looked after as he was left to divide up the scraps between himself and his younger sisters. This continued for many years until Quvox was a teenager, finding a blaster pistol during one of the scavenge runs and keeping it for himself. His brothers had argued over some technology their parents had found, and it resulted in a fight that left the younger of the two dead. Distraught and realizing his parents would blame him, his eldest brother turned and blamed Quvox, knowing he was the only witness to what had happened.

Knowing he would be unable to overpower his oldest brother as he came at him with a bladed weapon, Quvox could do nothing to defend himself but use the Blaster, which killed his brother in almost an instant, leaving the young Ubese a shaking wreck as his hatred turned inward on himself. He resented all that he had become, the hatred he'd had for his more fortunate brothers and ran off, wanting to escape the horrid life he was in. He was found by some Ubese from the Ubertica system that had come to trade, giving them whatever he had to get passage off of Uba IV.

Quvox wandered for a few years, unable to really find himself. He was homeless and begged before finding a somewhat steady job as a cook, his abilities with the force becoming more obvious to him as time went on. He had always known, but had been ashamed; his people despised the Jedi most of all, and to be anything like them would be disgraceful, worse than death in the eyes of some Ubese. He was still haunted by his own resentment and self-hatred, eventually deciding that he had enough. He would do all he could to conquer his weaknesses, and to accomplish something in life other than the killing his people were known for. He threw himself into the idea of becoming a Jedi, knowing it was the only path he truly had.





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