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Approved Species Quiglings

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  • Name: Quiglings
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Quigos
  • Language: Quigilic, Some (especially politicians) know Galactic Standard, but due to the massive grammatical, audible, and structural differences in the two languages of Quigilic and Galactic Standard, any native Quigling is incapable of learning Galactic Standard perfectly, instead they usually sound childish and talk in the third person, such as "Ko-Za is happy to meets you!". Similar to Gungans.
  • Average Lifespan: They usually live for 60 years, the oldest recorded Quigling having lived up to 71
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: Quiglings usually stand around .6 meters or 2 feet, and tend to be gray, white, or tan, however other variations have been recorded.
  • Breathes: Oxygen.
  • Average height of adults: .6 meters
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Variations of white (Like, snow white), gray, and tan
  • Hair color: White, gray, black, blonde
  • Distinctions: Quiglings have disproportionate heads, hands, and legs to their body size and two rows of incredibly razor sharp teeth. Also Quiglings tend to breed like rodents, a couple could have a few dozen children within their life span, usually in sets of four and five. Quiglings also have blue blood, due to it being copper instead of iron based. They also tend to be incredibly curious and good at learning, but also mischievous and fun loving.
  • Races:
- Ashspawn: The Quiglings who are native to the mountains and volcanoes of central Euris tend to have dark gray skin and black hair and are believed to be the original species of Quigling. Their great cities are built into the great caverns of these mountains, the ancestral home of the Quiglings and where it was believed their animal predecessors burrowed to the surface from the long since collapsed underground network.

The Ashspawn's culture consists of simplicity and effectiveness, their architecture unpainted and dull square structures usually stacked up against each other or built into the walls of their great cavernous cities. Their clothes reflect this nature, simple and effective made of cloths and cottons to protect from the chilly winds of their mountainous home. Elaborate, overly complex, or purely decorative things are looked down upon, giving their cities a very dull boring and gray look.

What little use of color they do use is to establish the different government office buildings and officers. The Ministry of Science is painted a lime green, and their clothes usually have lime green ribbons attached. The Department of Defense is painted purples and blues depending on rank, purple being the higher ranking generals and admirals while blue is the officers, and light blue the average soldiers. And the Agricultural Initiative are usually dressed in pink and crimson, the overseers and office workers dressed with pink, while the field workers dressed in crimson. These colors usually reflect something to do with their job, Purples and Blues for the Department of Defense due to Quigling's copper based blood, which makes it blue. Pinks and Crimsons for the Agricultural Initiative due to the pink rivers and crimson oceans that bring life to their world.

The Ashspawn are also a perfected form of Communism, which they refer to as The Unity, all possessions are shared, food is distributed as needed to the people, which they've gotten down to a science, and any left over food is donated to a large festival held every week. Although the Ashspawn culture is dull aesthetically, they still enjoy having fun like all Quiglings, and the weekly festivle is usually where most of the fun is had before they return to the mines and fields, being one of the top producers on Quigos of metals.

-Snowkin: The Snowkin are the complete opposite of the Ashspawn, and have long since given up their ancestral homes of caves and underground networks for giant sprawling cities in the tundras of Euris. These cities have massive sky scrapers, 100 or so meters in height and richly decorated, housing thousands of Quiglings. They are also biologically different, having pale white skin (sometimes with gray splotches) and white and gray hair.

The Snowkin have become obsessed with pure blue water, and it takes center place in most of their decorations that put most to shame. Large waterfalls tumbling down skyscrapers, or small ponds in the center of living rooms. Silver also is another main decorative resource exploited by the Snowkin due to it's abundance on Quigos. And due to their more xenophilic nature than the rest of the Quiglings, alien metals, artifacts, and artwork are prized possessions, and recent expansions on some of their cities are structures big enough for other species to live in.

Snowkin are also ruthless capitalists, but not to the extent where the poor are purely exploited. No, all Quiglings who come to their cities in Euris have equal opportunities, no matter what color they are or what they believe.

The Snowkin are also the leaders in Quigling space programs.

Nevermore Nomads: The Nevermore Nomads were once the dominant power on Quigos, living on an island chain known as Dridis. But after the "Machine Fall" their islands were destroyed and polluted beyond habitability by the machine's landing and exploiting of their resources. Their cultural heritage is destroyed, and they wander in large caravans across Euris, having resorted to a nomadic life style.

The Nevermore Nomads are militant to say the least, the militaries runs their small governments for each caravan as they guard their world from future attacks. They accept all who prove useful in their cause, and banish all that prove useless for war. But not much else is known about these mysterious people.

True Nevermore Nomads who can trace their lineage back to Dridis are tan in skin color, which is rare on Quigos. But due to their nomadic nature, and accepting any other Quigling into their ranks, many Ashspawn and Snowkin can be found in their ranks as well.

The reasoning for the naming of the nomads is due to their motto, which is only one word. "Nevermore!" when asked what they mean by this, they usually dismiss the question as it was kept a secret until recently when one of the Military leaders let a diplomatic party from Alderaan know. "It means that we will not bow to any alien again. Nevermore will we be threatened."

  • Strengths:
Small Stature: Quiglings are particularly small and nimble for a sentient race, able to get places where most can't.

Biological Supercomputers: Quigling minds are an incredible feat of evolution, having Eidetic Memory (Perfect Recall) and the processing power of some super computers.

  • Weaknesses: [2 minimum]

Frail: Due to the Quigling's size, they aren't particularly strong and can't withstand much of a beating.

Artificial Intelligence Xenophobia: After the "Machine Fall" which was a key point in Quigling history, they stopped developing computers, relying mainly on their own ability to compute. The "Machine Fall" has also caused them to despise all sorts of Artificial Intelligence, from simple droids to fully sentient machines.

New To The Galactic Stage: Quiglings have only recently developed FTL travel, and are generally new to the galactic stage, making them inexperienced in mostly everything and easy prey for pirates.

  • Diet: They eat meat and special plants which resemble water-melons and hard fruits/nuts similar to melons, as well as many variations baked bread from using a native species of wheat.
Their primary source of food that isn't imported, but instead "grown" on Quigos, are the massive Carp Farms, where the Quiglings farm massive herbivorous fish, or the smaller ones that reproduce much more rapidly, these fish (of both species) are surprisingly docile, even in confinement, and are believed to be Quigling's main food source even before they gained sentience.
  • Communication: Quigilic, their native tongue, consists of grunts and guttural vocalizations. However Snowkin have an accent that found a way of making it sound more melodious.
  • Technology level: Think of them as IRL modern but catching up to the rest of the galaxy rather quickly thanks to outside help, Limited FTL,
  • Religion/Beliefs: Quiglings believe in no real specific deity, but more in ancestral spirits that will help guide and protect the household that the ancestor was apart of. Yet they have deity like ancestral spirits that are believed to be ancestors of all Quiglings, Mashok, Agivi, and Celiz that are protectors of all Quiglings. They also believe that AI in any way or form is evil, destroyers of the universe and soul-less abominations.
  • General behavior:
-Family Life: Quiglings start a family like most races, finding a mate. This usually occurs by dating and the like, similar to most species. Except the Ash-Spawn governmental offices select mates for their population, who's personalities match and who would produce the best offspring. Family units, although vast and spreading dozens of individuals from a single pair of parents are held to a reverence. Everything you do must not harm the family, and you must strive to make your family more important and strong. There may only be a few dozen last names on Quigos, but if you wish to start a new family line it is not hard as you apply at the new Central Government Office for an application, fill it out, and submit it to their archives, although this is usually frowned upon. And any idea of divorce is out of the question, as it is the highest form of insult to yourself to even think about a divorce, although under some circumstances it is excusable such as abuse or something similar. It should also be noted that women and men are perfectly equal under Quigling law, and are treated as such in society.

-SCIENCE!: Quiglings are obsessed with knowledge and learning. And innovation, invention, and education are the top ranked attributes any Quigling can have. Indeed, their Central Government Office also serves as a planet wide super college. Indeed, most Quiglings go to school from age 3 to 30, and are given test after test to increase their already incredible processing power and memory.

-Militant Hunters: Quiglings tend to stay away from war, but view it was a disgusting necessity at times, but it doesn't stop a strong hunting culture to have evolved in their people. Their inherit primarily carnivorous diet has led to hunters being held in a high respect, and they have started traveling to far off worlds just to hunt large game animals, valuing skulls of particularly difficult prey more than gold. Although this is only a small aspect of their society, and few actually participate, all respect the hunters. And hunters are given hero's burials by their comrades from their "Packs". Which are small militias dedicated to feeding the population of Quigos as the planet's life isn't all that diverse, and what animals there are aren't particularly common due to over-hunting over the years.

-Primitive Societies: Most of the population on Quigos, due to the rapid technological advancement of their people, still hold more tribal ways. Only a few major cities can be categorized as modern, as some haven't even gotten electricity yet.

-New To the Force: Quiglings before they had met with alien life knew very little of the force. They knew it existed, but not how to contact or use it, but now learning more about it has been met with a few Quiglings attempting to become Jedi.


The Earliest recorded writings of Quiglings are religious mainly, and it isn't until only around a thousand years ago did true historical recordings occur. The first recordings show the many nations of Euris were at war with each other, a great militant debate as it was called between democracies, kingdoms, and Unions (communisms), And more importantly, between science and tradition. This war lasted for a hundred or so years until it ended in peace, and only a few nations remained, much larger than before the war. And peace reigned for another 500 years, nations rising and falling in minor wars but nothing as destructive as before.

And then, the "Machine Fall" occurred. A terra-forming super-droid developed by a long since forgotten company landed on Quigos, on one of the larger islands of Dridis. This super-droid's mission was to terraform the planet into a warmer world with a suited hydrogen atmosphere for some race that has never been discovered. Upon finding that the planet was inhabited, the droid's first prerogative, which was to terraform, decided that the local populace must be eradicated, and it's on board factory began producing droids. The primitive Quiglings who had only just invented gunpowder were at a huge disadvantage, and the islands of Dridis were quickly taken from them.

It took them over 200 years to push back the machine. At first it seemed hopeless that this god from space was seeking to destroy them, but it didn't take long for the Quiglings to learn that this was technology, not divine intervention, and began to reverse engineer what few droids they destroyed, building their first blasters and learning how to create stronger metals, and upon equal footing, pushed back the enemy forces to Dridis where they remained for a decade, and then the Quiglings pushed into the now uninhabitable islands and destroyed the machine. And the unified governments of the previous nations rejoiced, and upon seeing the good such a terrible menace had done, to unify their people, they decided to never let themselves be ruled independently again, forming a planetary government. This government quickly made great strides using the salvaged technology of the machine to develop space travel, and they encountered aliens for the first time only 50 years ago. At first they were scared they were going to be like the machine, but a diplomatic mission from Alderaan changed their minds, and they have since become more active on the galactic stage, slowly growing as a species.

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  • Love the use of the Kardashev scale, but I'm not sure it applies here. Kardashev Type I societies are very rare in Star Wars, and Type II are even rarer. Frankly, I can't think of a single canon example of a Type I. Instead, what I'd suggest is comparing your planet's tech level to different galactic regions - Core Worlds, Outer Rim, etc. If you've got limited hyperspace capability, there's no harm in just saying so and leaving it at that.

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