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Questions, Yet Still No Answers


There are some things that should never be shared, like what your true intentions in life are, or even why you kicked that puppy the other day, but one thing a man should never, ever share is his past. Tobasu was a firm believer of this, people who knew him really didn't know him; his life was built upon a mountain of faux lies, ranging from small to big but they are all fabrications of his true self. Deceit is such an interesting word, meaning the act or practice of deceiving, two syllables and a word that was branded onto the soul of the boy. Yet Tobasu would continue lying in everyday situations, keeping his facade up, a mask of protection to shield him from those emotions he hated. After finding out that his younger brother was a jedi, he was confused and lost, like a puppy he was in simple terms 'out of it'.

He also found out that his mother was rather ill, which made him want to go back to Dantooine to be by her side, but he was there. And by he, Tobasu would refer to his father, the man didn't deserve the respect of being called by his name he was scum just like that younger half-brother of his. He wanted revenge, it was their fault that his mother was sick, his beautiful mother the only person in the entire galaxy who he could honestly say he loved. It was all too much, especially since now he was embracing the side he only just found out about; being force sensitive had its perks but it has bring nothing but emptiness to the remnants of his soul that was left thus far. His master, a women who promised to show him how to control these feelings of barrenness and give him a purpose was the only hope he gripped too and if that would fail he had vowed to completely give-in to the void that was inside him.

A soft sigh escaped his lips, as crimson orbs opened and he looked around. The loud and eventful area of the Telos upper-city cantina was jammed pack to say the least. The arena was holding some special kind of event, a championship bout of some sort however none of that cared to Tobasu. He just wanted to lay low and think about things, he needed time to process the events over the last few months. He really hadn't had a break from training, travelling and fighting in a long, long time and in a sense he was taking his tie off for some breathing room...For once. And that is why he was here, sitting in the darkest corner of the room slamming drinks away which seemingly was ineffective even with his slim frame. Music echoed through the halls as cheers echoed through the hallowed hall.

He got up after his fifth drink, golden strands ran down his back as he was not wearing the normal robe he was accustomed too. Adorned in black pants, and a cloth-like shirt that was table white he was looking rather casual. He paid what he owed and stumbled out of the cantina, into the ever so lively street of Upper-city Telos. Where the prodigious resided, ruling like tyrants over those who weren't human or rich. Very few aliens actually came around this part of the city, or at least one could tell. But with the sun at its peak, Tobasu just observed by sitting down on a nearby bench. Watching humanity was an interesting thing, it calmed the mind so to speak; yet who could be calm when just around the corner the screams of the innocent plagued the air. Would he choose to ignore it, or did this boy, Tobasu have some decency in him? When he realised it was a women's voice screaming for help something snapped within him, memories of his mother flooded back and thus he choose to be the hero for once. Yet he held no weapons on him today, he would use his fists if things got violent.

He made his way around the corner, two thugs, roughly six foot tall towered over a girl who was currently in the fettle position, holding a handbag. Tobasu remained silent, observing until enough was enough he had to bust in... A thick whistle hissed through the air, and the two fools stopped. Pleasantries were not exchanged except for a single word that the porcelain skinned boy said, "Leave..."

They laughed, a step forward. They laughed again, another step and then they decided to attack this so called hero. It would only be moments, and the two were on the floor groaning in pain. They weren't tough, they were rats who attacked the even weaker so they felt strong. Most likely of some gang, yet it didn't matter. He picked the lady up who resembled someone he had meet before, she thanked him and quickly ran away, or you could call it hobbling. Tobasu, well he decided he would travel back to his bench, looking up into the skies a sigh escaped. "Why did I bother helping her?"

He didn't know...
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