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Question on catagory

So I want to make a fairly large sized prefabricated military base, but the catch is I've been inspired by this as well as the World Devastators. The idea is that the base is entirely built in a ship yard, it is transported by a hyperdrive "sled" (similar in nature to hyperdrive rings) above a target planet. Assuming there is no defensive shield it lands it's self and it's vanguard force using similar repulser tech as the World Devastators. After the initial landing, it world be possible to move using repulsers, but never leave the planet.

My big issue is what category would I submit this under?
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

No problem, and good luck with it. I had similar(ish) plans for a militarized version of that walker, but I never got around to it and never really ended up with an actual need for it. There are plenty of much, much smaller vehicles that can do the same jobs, be more mobile, less of a target, easier to scale a fight around, exc. That, and large-scale ground battles typically turn into a worse clusterkark than fleeting battles.

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