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Approved Tech Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol

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Intent: To sub the best fluff in my day
Image Source: X same for both
Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Lewis
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Iron, Brass, Wood
Classification: Slugthrower
Size: Handheld
Length: 198 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Ammunition Type: bullets
Ammunition Capacity: 1
Effective Range: Close
Rate of Fire: Single action
  1. Rifled Barrel
  2. Tapered Breach
  3. Screw on Barrel
This weapon comes fit with top of the line accessories such as a rifled barrel, an elegant tapered breach, and a barrel the screws on. The rifling helps improve accuracy so you don't miss your shot. The Tapered breach compresses the bullet as the bullet is larger than the barrel to give it high gas pressure. This gives the bullet high muzzle velocity and power. Last is the screw on barrel, its allows for quick reload as a ramrod is unneeded the ball and powder are placed inside the barrel after it is unscrewed.

  1. Accurate: The rifling give this weapon better accuracy
  2. Quick reload: The barrel give this weapon an edge over weapons of the same type in reload time
Weaknesses :
  1. Misfire: There is a mid to high chance this weapon if not properly cared for to misfire, high if uncared for mid if care is taken
  2. Water: The powder used for this weapon must stay dry or it simply won't work
This weapon is from the future is you could believe that. Lewis VI's father was an explorer and would go on many expeditions to far off places. One day his father never came back leaving a will of sorts to lewis. Lewis went to pick up his fathers belonging to find this gun and a note explaining it's use and how to make more of the powder. While not a good choice in a fight this weapon called to lewis for some reason and he hasn't put it down since.

Ahhh, I see. I'd recommend taking out the comma and three zeroes on the weight. I think it is supposed to be 1 kg, but to those who use the imperial system it will look like it is 1,000 kg or 2200 lbs.

Otherwise this looks like a good submission.
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