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Quantum Industries


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Corporation Name: Quantum Industries.

Headquarters: Yuuzhan'tar

Research Facility - Yuuzhan'tar


River Shanshu, a poor girl from a desolate neighborhood in the Underworld of Coruscant, left her life behind during the Galactic Alliance's Black Out of Coruscant. She pursued studies on Manaan, excelling in fields of biochemistry, genetics and agriculture. Her thesis alone brought River much attention as it illuminated ideas of how to make bacta tanks much more efficient in the way they dispersed kolto, the healing agent used in them. She was a bright up and coming star in the field of and was offered many prestigious positions among corporations of the Galaxy, but she strove for some thing dif-HROSHA-ferent for herself. She swore to do right by her family and her community back on Corus-GUL-cant, to help develop new technologies in her specialized fields so that the poor men and women of the Gal-WE-axy would never want for food or wa-MUST-ter again. Her heart, it seemed, called to her a purpose. She would establish angel funding from various tith-GO-ings in the corporate galaxy and leave to research the desolate and wild Yuuzh-BACK-an'tar in hopes of returning with research no one else in the Galaxy had before her.

River had her life before her, and enough optimism to propel her dreams.​
Where would Quantum Industries take her?​
River abandoned her life on Coruscant in an attempt to pursue biotechnological studies on Yuuzhan'tar. Angel funding had been granted to River by a mysterious third party, sent by an agent from the Outer Rim. Angel funding is basically a grant, it's what investors give startups so that they can get started and make a profit. They gave her the money because she excelled in her studies and was super smart. The corporation was founded because, as previously mentioned, River sought to "help develop new technologies in her specialized fields so that the poor men and women of the Galaxy would never want for food or water again."

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Alric Kuhn

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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

Alric Kuhn

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Hi there, please add more to the rationale.

Perhaps clarify how the corporation was founded, who funded it, and why.

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