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Approved Tech Quaker SMG: Savage Model Weapon System [Purged Submission]

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The Bastard Man
Intent: To create a weapon for Graug NPCs and PC characters who have a valid reason for having one
Development Thread: no
Manufacturer: Graug Forgers
Model: Savage
Affiliation: Graug Hegemony
Modularity: no
Production: Mass-produced
Material: Durasteel

The Quaker is the most reliable and widely available of the Savage line of weapon systems, however, in order to make it reliable there is a large gap between power from this model and the Rattler model. It is a sub-machine gun made to fire small projectiles at very high rates. The magnetic repulsion system is much more reliable than that of the Rattler as it is much smaller; it does do more work however. It fires small pellet sized Tungsten rounds at high speeds to give them the effect of a larger round.

The weapon is great against light armors and some medium armor, but it is almost useless if firing at someone with a strong heavy armor. It can still be used a great suppressive fire weapon on heavily armored opponents since the repeated hits would eventually destroy the armor or severely injure the user. It only has an effective range of about 20 meters, making it a great CQC weapon but a poor long range combat weapon. Though it is more reliable it still ahs malfunction issues such as an overheating of the magnetic repulsion system which can lead to a short cool down time or a complete melting of the firing mechanism.

[SIZE=12pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]SMG
Size: Handheld
Status: Military
Length: .5 meters
Weight: 3kg
Capacity: 80 rounds a magazine
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Not open for further replies.