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Approved Tech QQ-83N Sidearm

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Jorus Merrill

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Intent: To create a standard sidearm for the patrol and exploration forces of the Levantine Sanctum
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Silk Holdings
Model: QQ-83N Particle Beam Projector
Affiliation: Levantine Sanctum
Modularity: No
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Duraplast, durasteel, circuitry
Description: After a raid on a highly classified Sith Empire research facility in the Styx system, and numerous engagements against the Ssi-Ruuvi and other forces of the Fringe Confederation, Rebel Alliance General Jorus Q. Merrill put some of Silk's design teams on the creation of a sidearm incorporating captured technologies. The sidearm is a particle beam projector with two modes, lethal and stun, amalgamated by a standard energy rectification mechanism. The lethal mode relies on standard particle beam technology, resulting in a beam comparable in damage output to a heavy blaster pistol, albeit with a very small area-of-effect detonation on impact (burning within 0.25m, powerful heat within 0.5m). The stun mode derives from captured Ssi-Ruuvi ion particle beam technology. As such, the stun/paralysis mode has a significantly shorter range. It fires a beam which is gently reangled, but not blocked, by a lightsabre. The beam paralyzes whatever limbs it touches; if it comes in contact with the central nervous system, unconsciousness results. This weapon is, on the whole, unimpressive save for its ability to switch between two types of particle beams, a versatility which results in somewhat high maintenance and component replacement rates compared to blaster weaponry.
Classification: Particle Beam
Size: Handheld
Status: Military
Length: 10cm
Weight: 1kg
Ammunition Type: Power cell, gas canister
Ammunition Capacity: 50 shots (power cell), 300 shots (gas canister)
Effective Range: 60 metres (lethal), 15 metres (stun)
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