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Unreviewed Q87 Kenshi Smart Blaster

Family Patriarch

"Because aiming takes time you don't have."

  • Intent: Self-Guided Smart Blaster
  • Image Source: Artist Credit
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  • Permissions: Not Applicable
  • Primary Source: Not Applicable

  • Classification: Smart Blaster
  • Size: Very Large
    • 25.4 Inches
    • 645mm
  • Weight: Heavy
    • 7.7lb
    • 3.4kg
  • Ammunition Type: Power Cell
    • Tibanna-Clouzon-36 Gas Container
    • Clouzon-34 Storage Cell
    • Delayed Fire Blockade Chamber
  • Ammunition Capacity: Small
    • 200 Shots Per Cell
  • Effective Range: Battlefield
    • 700m
    • 750yd
  • Rate of Fire: Average
    • 700–950 round/min cyclic
  • Damage Output: Very High
  • Recoil: Low

  • Self-Guided Bolts: Taking advantage of functions designed specifically for the Q87 Kenshi, the weapon has the ability to fire blaster bolts which change direction based on where their target has moved during travel. This enables operators to fire and forget, much like certain types of missile launchers, providing tactical advantages such as being able to accurately fire from behind cover, and without a great deal of effort. It also makes hitting mobile targets significantly easier.
  • Recoil: The Kenshi's recoil, or lack thereof, is one of the product's featured selling points. (Though one could argue this is only to distract from its clunky physical design.) Indeed balanced out by the rifle's large size and heavy weight, the weapon can most certainly guaranteed a reliable and comfortable experience when it comes to firing it, giving its operators with smaller statures some form of relief, as it won't send them flying backwards when they use it.
    Strong Punch: Packing a tough punch, the Kenshi is not only accurate, but it will almost certainly hurt when it finds its target. Its blaster bolts, fabricated from a composite gas between the conventional tibanna and the less conventional clouzon-36, more commonly used as hyperspace fuel, these powerful bolts are rated to deal out damage to a numerous array of civilian and military-grade body armors.
  • Range: Bolstered by its sophisticated specialized scope, which comes standard with every rifle, though can be equipped or unequipped at the operator's pleasure; the Q87 Kenshi can safely boast a great degree of range. Its self-guiding bolts work almost equally well at short and long ranges, as the particulate nature of the weapon's self-guiding abilities, unlike those of the D71 Smart Sniper, which uses projectiles, allows them to perform much steeper and more sudden turns to their path.

  • Humanoid Specific: Engineered to guide itself towards heat sources which match the average humanoid temperature range, the weapon would not be effective against species with abnormally low or abnormally high body temperatures. In rare instances, the blaster bolts could also be attracted towards ambient objects within the environment that share a similar temperature to a humanoid's body, though this is less of an issue than the former.

The product of a several year development lifecycle from Nakaioma Advanced Infantry Systems, the primary small arms research and development team of Nakaioma Defense Dynamics; the Q87 Kenshi Smart Blaster is a unique self-guiding blaster rifle intended for sale as part of the corporation's SmartTrack line-up. Featuring a short, compact build, the weapon is both larger and somewhat heavier than many other blaster rifles, primarily due to the variety of technology that has been built into the interior of the weapon, as to facilitate its complex functions. Being approved for development, and securing its funding shortly after the release of the D71 Smart Sniper, a rifle with a similar premise, but utilizing slug projectiles, instead of blaster bolts, the Q87 Kenshi was an incredibly risky investment for the company-- given the lack of other products to compare it to at the time. The project; codenamed 'Ronin' was headed by Kim Sato, one of the company's leading experts in the field of blaster gas applications.

Utilizing an independent composite of Tibanna and Clouzon-36 to create the Q87 Kenshi's specialized blaster gas, the rifle's self-guiding blaster bolts function by the weapon firing a constricted, and heavily condensed, but transparent beam of Clouzon-34, a lab-created variant of the original gas, engineered to naturally attract the latter composite gas towards it. Once this beam has been fired, it is immediately attracted towards heat sources within the range of 36.1°C to 37.2°C, the average range for humanoid species, and the actual blaster bolt itself follows, being pulled towards the Clouzon-34 beam as it travels, and naturally towards the operator's intended target as a result, this process happens in the same amount of time as an ordinary blaster rifle's firing mechanism, leaving no negative impact on the rifle's rate of fire, as proven by a multitude of trials carried out by the development team. The Q87's heavy, and large frame, though bulky does provide the benefit of lessening its recoil, providing a noticeably smoother experience when firing it. Advertised as a weapon that doesn't miss, one of the Kenshi's many PR taglines is "Range, Stability, Accuracy, Power."

Protected by a durable casing of permasteel-duraplate composite armor, while its lower half is guarded by a mixed carbonfiber-expoy creation, the weapon on the outside is quite sturdy, although its interior components are very much fragile to kinetic and physical damage. An in-built ElectroMag Defense Unit more than adequately shields the Q87 from electromagnetic pulse and ion attacks, keeping its sensitive electronic components in-tact against such threats. Equipped by default with a sophisticated rangefinder, designed with many of the technologies taken from other Nakaioma-affiliated products such as the Shisen N5 Optical Implant, MultiScanner and Internal Security Camera, the Kenshi Specialized Scope (SSS) can service operators with significant range enhancements, as well as thermal, infra red and night vision settings. It also provides the ability to determine the path of any blaster bolts that the operator intends to fire. The Q87 Kenshi has found extensive use within Nakaioma, but also in the civilian and other corporate markets.

Immensely accurate, the Q87 Kenshi can best be described as a spirit-send by operators, and a thorough pain where the star don't shine for those subject to it. Capable of allowing those who use it to fire effortlessly from behind cover, with a worthy amount of assurance that their frantic blaster bolts will find a target on their own, the Kenshi is certainly an irritating weapon to come against in any kind of firefight, as it means a prospective opponent technically doesn't even have to stray from their cover, or advantageous firing position to get a better angle. Of course, the weapon is not perfect, and it cannot hit every bolt it fires, as some targets may dive behind some form of cover just in-time, among other situational specific scenarios. But overall, the Senshi is a weapon that does the unique, and advantageous job that it says it will do, and does it very well. It is sold mostly to individual buyers, corporations, and other small to mid-size entities, as it has not yet been deemed cost-effective to manufacture it on a massive scale.

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