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Q-7846 Rusty

Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor
NAME: Q-7846 Rusty
FACTION: CIS Resurgence

RANK: Private (PVT)


AGE: Manufactured in 18 BBY


HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 75 kg

EYES: Red-coloured, radiation receptors


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+] Proficient in battle - Q-7846 is equiped with twin blaster cannons capable of delivering a huge barrage of blaster bolts.

[+] Wheel Configuation - Capable of transforming and condensing into a wheel configuartion giving increased movement and speed and taking up less space.
[+] Deflector shields - A personal bubble shield capable of withstanding a large amount of blaster-fire, any-thing up to artillery level.

[-] Shield Weaknesses - The above mentioned shiled can only be deployed in standing configuration. The shield is weaker at the back and top of the shield bubble.
[-] Erratic behaviour - Years of neglect and lack of memory wipes have caused Q-7846 to behave oddly. These include differing interpretation of commands than other droids and unnecessary, incongruous comments.
[-] Weather-worn systems - Centuries of exposure to the elements have damaged a few of Q-7846 systems, occasionally causing delays and malfunctions ijn booting up keys sytems such as weaponry and shields.
[-] No hands - Q-7846 has only blaster cannons attached to his hands and so cannot physically interact with any objects beyond pushing them.

Originally appearing identical to other Droideka models, Q-7846 has spent long years exposed to the elements. This has rendered his chassis even more brown, with age-old dirt and rust stains. Despite these set-backs Q-7846 retains most of the additional systems, including blaster cannons on each limb and radiation receptors.

Q-7846 served as part of the CIS forces during the clone wars. Most of its time was spent aboard ships, defending key areas and repelling boarding parties. Because it experiencing very little battle, Q-7846 retained his memory core and recieved very few memory wipes over the years leading to strange behaviour that almost breached its programming. Near to the end of the clone wars, the ship Q-7846 was serving on crashed on the planet Kalee. Q-7846 was damaged and abandoned the wreckage, but was eventually lost in the desert. Q-7846 then powered down in order to conserve energy for when a CIS ship arrived on site. Shortly after that, the galaxy-wide order for CIS droid shut-down was released and no such help came. Recently however, a mysterious signal caused Q-7846 to reactivate and leave the desert.




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