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Pyrokinesis Training

  • Thread starter Incinerator Clayton
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Incinerator Clayton

I must learn of this power so that I may be closer to the Goddess. The Great Firehawk!

Okay, joking and kidding around with this character aside.

I am looking for a force user that knows Pryokinesis or knows of it. Most likely I will be more accepting of a Neutral or Grey Force User. Not really Jedi or Sith. If there are any Shapers of Kro Var left (if they're still a faction or still around.) I'd greatly appreciate it if we could get a thread going or a series of threads that would be aimed at helping this character harness what little force sensitivity that he has.

Basaba Willamina

A'den and Alor be aliit Willamina
There is only one shaper really still around and he happens to be a powerful fire master. @Morna hell if I rememebr your last name dude.

@[member="Krag"] is also a powerful pyro user, @[member="Matsu Ike"] was trained by shapers and the Ember of Vahl, @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] knows his stuff.

Incinerator Clayton

Hmmm, most of those are either Jedi or Sith aligned. Thank you for pointing them out however. @[member="Basaba Willamina"]