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Purged of the Darkness (need healing trainer)

Zaiden Dean

The Stealth Master
Sno Wyte, Ancient Evil of the Sith, had finally had enough. It was to far that day. The day she made the wrong decision, and thanks to her choices a little girl perished in unimaginable agony. Refusing the very thing she herself had grown to represent was difficult, but it was worth it. She fought her own urges on a day to day basis now, battling the demons that dwelt within her mind.

It wasn't her fault, at first. The poison created by the twisted mind of her father's suitor had left her debilitated, and unable to function without rage being a constant. It led to countless deaths of innumerable factions spanning the eons. She had become a symbol of evil in a very short time, and with the poison driving her to do more she became the very epitome of death. But that had to change, and she knew that in her soul. She had grown to enjoy something wrong, and now everyday she felt the agonizing pain that eats away at the souls of the damned.

Slowly raising her eyes to the skies for a long drawn out moment, the woman sighed and entered the Jedi Temple. She sought training from those that could aid her in the control of her greatest enemy..