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Approved Tech Punisher Pistol

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  • Manufacturer: RMIA
  • Model: Punisher Shattergun
  • Affiliation: Closed Markets
  • Modularity: Minor--appearances like the handle or side engravings may be customized per order
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Phrik, shatter gun components, Rancor Ivory handle (May be changed out for other handles)
  • Classification: Shatter gun pistol
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Ammunition Type:
    Shatter gun rounds; the size of a .454 round
    40mm launcher launches like the K-40 launcher with reduced range
  • Ammunition Capacity:
    Shatter gun: 7 rounds
    Launcher: 1 round
  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire:
    Shatter gun: As fast as you can pull the trigger
    Launcher: Single round
  • Phrik
  • Under-barrel Launcher
  • .454 rounds
  • Faraday cage
  • HUD/targeting integration
  • Silent
  • Under-barrel launcher: This launcher is able to have the effective range of your average pistol. It launches various 40mm rounds like the Brimstone round or the Smoke Em round and so on. Its a bit of an Up-sale for RMIA to be able to sell more of their specialized rounds.
  • .454 rounds: Rounds of this caliber are pretty powerful. Their stopping power is hard to rival, and can cut through light armor, most medium armors, and do damage to some heavy armor.
  • HUD/targeting Integration: This pistol is designed to hook up to HUDs and Targeting systems already existent in a warrior's armor.

  • High caliber: This pistol is designed to bypass, overcome or in the least, damage a lot of armor. Even the pretty intense stuff like armors with level 8 and 9 rating would probably take some serious dents from a round like this. Even if the armor stops the round, your still gonna feel that kinetic damage which can break bones, cause internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, and lots of other fun stuff. Another advantage of the high caliber round is pretty intuitive. Since it weighs so much, its pretty much going to keep going in the direction you were pointing. Wind factors and other lovely ner-do-well things tend to have a rather nominal effect on the round as it keeps going... and going... and going.
  • Silent: Why anyone would want to use a round the size of a .454 for assassination would be beyond RMIA's knowledge. However, shatterguns are silent and this makes it ideal for firing and making ascertaining the user's location pretty challenging.
Weaknesses :
  • Kicks like a mule: .454 rounds are pretty legendary for their kick. During testing even species known for their strength like Wookiees felt the kick.
  • Slow reload time: This shattergun integrates the classic revolver weapon into its personhood. While this is great because it drastically reduces possibilities of jamming (and increases the ability to cope with jamming), it takes a while to reload the thing.
  • Launcher HUD/targeting computer recommended: Shooting the .454 shatter gun here is pretty easy--aim down sights and pull the trigger. However with the launcher its a bit more challenging than that. RMIA recommends the user have a HUD or some external source of a targeting computer on hand to maximize the accuracy. Otherwise eyeballing it is pretty challenging.
The only thing more awesome than a doped-up high caliber pistol is one with an under-barrel grenade launcher attachment. The only thing more dope than that, is one made of phrik. There really isn't much that is more dope than that.

And at RMIA, we are all about making the dopest of stuff, hence the creation of the Punisher shatter gun. This pistol is really designed to deal out a lot of sustainable damage. Unlike other weapons designed to take down tanks or other heavy machinery, this pistol is designed to focus in on personnel. From the 40mm launcher to the high caliber Shatter gun rounds, this thing is pretty much going to help level the playing field with anyone who dares to try and ruin your day, not to mention its made out of phrik. No more pesky lightsabers ruining your fun. The 40mm launcher is based on the same principle as RMIA's prior K-40, except the range is reduced for pretty obvious reasons. switching to the launcher is as easy as flicking the activation switch on the side of the grip to switch over and pulling the trigger.

Like all weapons, this one has a few draw backs. First this thing kicks like a drunk eupiee. Second, the Punisher's revolver cylinder holds seven rounds, so you get seven shots before reloading, so don't spray and pray. Third, reload time is pretty tragic on both the 40mm launcher and the shatter gun. The 40mm launcher gets one shot before you have to put another grenade in through the front, so that's pretty limiting. Also, some of 40mm rounds you can launch are pretty indiscriminate with damage so you probably wanna make sure your out of blast range (unless your into that kinda thing). Lastly, the shatter gun fires with the old revolver style chamber where users have to pop it out, manually place new rounds in the cylinder, and pop it back in place. Even with a speed reloader, this is a lengthy process.

All in all, its just a pretty great shatter gun pistol designed to make you feel like a man.
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