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Pulp Addiction

Rexus Drath

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You know that feeling when everything just seems to be going wrong? And no matter what you just can't seem to catch a break, well that's my life. Rexus Drath and let me tell you it sucks, like a lot.

Bursting out from the window on the hundred and fiftieth floor of a skyscraper In Corucsant's industrial projects was the young inquisitor Rexus Drath holding a bag filled with twenty million credits with a note attached to it. Now I wish I could read you what the note said, but that would only ruin the fun. Quickly heading downwards to his doom the man flipped and spiraled in his decent, his short dreads flying in every direction. Tightly he gripped the bag and thought to himself well he had two options. Option one was to spend the rest of his life a very rich man, all twenty seconds of it. Or option two, ditch the cash and find a way out of this predicament. But we would return to that later. Right now we need to find out what exactly got the man into this situation.


The sound of a match striking the box echoed off the walls of a warehouse followed by a man lighting up a cigarette. "Twenty Kilos of spice, straight from Nar'Shadda, the last pure cut stuff in the galaxy before the intergalactic Fuzz took the place. We'll start the bidding at five million for it." Meet Vito Bonventre one of the last honest scum bags this galaxy had to offer. A rather tall shapely man with black greased hair and a cheap suit, he was a mobster just trying to get by until the republic invaded his little slice of hell. Now forced into a corner Vito needed a way to retire in the life of luxury, so this was it. This was his plan, a simple plan for a simple man who lived by one simple rule. "Remember I only go by one rule, Don't start none, won't be none." he said as he took a puff of his cigarette, his guards stood everywhere in the warehouse making sure nobody tried any funny business. As the various customers lined up to bid and fight for the last bit of the wonderful pure cut drug, Vito chuckled to himself gripping the blaster at his side. And as you can see for yourself Vito was not one to be tested on that. The premiss was simple, twenty kilos of the last spice of its kind, the cost was determined by the highest bider. That was enough spice for some CEO's spoiled son with a trust fund to throw one hell of a party. "Now let's begin, do I here five million?" He said in a raspy voice inhaling another take of his cigarette.

In the crowd was Rexus Drath, an inquisitor for the galactic empire. Now you are probably asking yourself right now what's an Inquisitor and what is he doing buying twenty kilos of pure Nar'Shaddaian Bam Bam. Well the first question is hush hush so it can't be answered, and the second. Vito had connections to a lot of rouge force users hooked on stims. And those people just screamed 'kidnap me Rexus and take me far far away' so he had to get close to the man, he had to get close to Vito. Though for anyone else in the crowd trying to buy this slice of heaven they would need to outbid Rexus and the empire, though that wouldn't be too hard since they were next to broke fighting off the fringe. But to any low life or under cover agent or Jedi. This would be the score or bust of a lifetime.