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Approved Tech PTS-N "Partisan" Submachine Gun (Tenloss Corporation)

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Intent: To provide a cheaper, simpler, and more reliable slug thrower sub-machine gun to interested buyers in direct competition with higher end slug throwers and blasters in similar roles.
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Everyone.
Modularity: Silencers, special weapon stocks, ammunition, and add ons are sold separately by the Tenloss Corporation.
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Stamped Steel
Description: Designed to offer interested buyers a cheaper alternative to more expensive models of slug throwers and blasters in similar roles, Tenloss designed the weapon with cost effectiveness, low manufacture costs, and simplicity of design in mind. The PTS-N sub-machine gun is manufactured out of stamped steel, requires minimal welding, and only contains 45 parts. Renowned for its simplicity of manufacture, maintenance, and use in the field, it is a leading alternative in the market for those who desire high performance and excellent standards, but don't want to break their budget.

The weapon itself requires, in total, five to six man-hours to construct and costs a pittance to manufacture: only ten credits total. The sub-machine gun features a thirty two round magazine of 9x19mm slugs that feeds the bullets from a port set into the underside of the weapon. The PTS-N features a high rate of fire and as it's length is shorter than most competitors allowing far easier movement in built up environments.

Unfortunately, the 9x19mm rounds the weapon uses are of a low, pistol caliber and are generally unable to punch anything but the lightest of armor. The weapon itself lacks any real weight, which prevents the gun from being useful in hand to hand fighting. The weapon is reliable in most environments, however it is not considered a "rugged" weapon. If not properly cared for, the PTS-N is prone to jamming or internal damage due to dirt and gunk built up in the weapon. Finally, due to the prioritization of cost effectiveness and lower manufacturing costs, the weapon does not feature certain safety mechanisms. The most prominent is the lack of a locking charge handle. This flaw can cause accidental discharges with the weapon if handled overly roughly or improperly.

- Easily mass produced
- Cheap and effective
- Reliable and easy to dismantle and reassemble (lower number of parts)
- Shorter weapon allowing easier handling
- High rate of fire and cheap ammunition

- Unable to pierce armor
- Next to useless in melee combat
- Will jam or break if not cleaned and maintained appropriately
- Prone to misfire and accidental discharge if handled improperly or roughly

Classification: Slug Thrower Sub-Machine Gun
Size: Handheld
Status: Legal
Length: 760mm
Weight: 3.2kg
Ammunition Type: 9x19mm Solid Slugs
Ammunition Capacity: 32 rounds (Extended magazine holds 50, but is sold separately and is not considered standard)
Effective Range: 100m
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