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Provocation of a Queen [Mnenchei Dominion dominion of Sharb]


A single lone frigate floated aimlessly through the endless hollows of space. It simply waited idle, as if lost or without purpose. Alone sat the yellow-clad, luscious fox of a woman on a padded plasteel chair, running her hands through her curled up bunches of tails to smooth the fur. The mild anxiety made every bristle stand and gave her goosebumps. Hmm.... I don't know the half about space command, the foxtress thought. She remembered the words of the transmission that had arrived to her on comm while on Serpina. Why she was selected... no one could ever know but the High Queen herself and the Enclave. Perhaps they had seen something in the Force, for that is all she would reveal.
"Acting Regent, hah... I don't even belong here...." Aynea mumbled.
"Lady Kottos, ma'am." It was a Mnenchei soldier of some sort. An actual Mnenchei, not one of the voluntarily enlisted humans or other. He bowed as he spoke, as if Aynea was owed some great level of respect and merit. "We are nearing the planet Sharb. Your orders, ma'am?"
"Huh! Uh! Oh... yes. I..." she was unsure of what to say, unsure of what she was even supposed to do. "Bring us closer to the planet. We will begin discussing the details of the landing when we get there."
With a respectful nod, the armored, decorated soldier returned to his post and input commands to direct the ship towards the system.

Behind the lonely accelerating frigate, hyperjumped a remodeled Invictus-based star destroyer... then another... then several corvettes and frigates... carriers... a whole armada; dozens of ships, piece by piece, littered the open horizon.

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Leebo stood off to the side of @[member="Ayña Kottos"] he saw a look of confusion on her face, she obviously wasn't used to being in a dominion, none of them were. Leebo would've comforted the human but he didn't want to be disrespectful to a much higher rank. Leebo was just there to fix any breakdowns and to possibly pilot a Ship. The droid approached the women and saluted, "Finally I meet you at last" he began "I am Leebo the... mechanic droid" after he said this he walked away.

Gar Tanaris

@[member="Ayña Kottos"]

Gar Tanaris waited onboard the frigate that the acting regent of the Dominion commanded...whatever acting regent meant, Gar didn't really care. As long as he was paid, he would do almost anything. Maybe in another life he was a Mando, who knows. He waited in his quarters until they had exited hyperspace, and he decided he would not fight until he knew what his contract was. He worked for the Dominion, sure, but he wanted to be paid for most ops.

So he walked towards the bridge with his custom, if not shoddy, armor on, and his heavy frontier pistol holstered. He planned on grabbing a standard issue rifle before the deployment. He walked right into the bridge of the frigate and walked up to Anya.

Zalderic Drayke

Zalderic stared out the viewport into space, watching as the ships appeared. They were going to Sharb, a planet once owned by the Chiss Ascendancy centuries ago. The acting regent of the dominion was here to see that the planet was taken, having just signed on to the dominion, he didn't understand the ranks, but she was certainly high up. He walked down towards the hanger, so he would be ready to depart, when the time came.

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Kayvaan Niveus

The bridge's door opened and a young man came in. He looked like a ghost with his white robes and pale skin. He walked up to the seat of the Captain without actually looking at who was sitting there and much rather being focused on not completely embarrassing himself when he spoke ''H-hello Captain ... I wanted to ask, uhm, eh, why did we stop? Is there some reason as to why we're not landing on Sharb?''. He was very quiet when he asked the question. After all he didn't like talking to strangers when he had to and all the officers on the bridge and the guards that had let him through had intimidated him quite a bit, which only added to his shy and nervous nature. He was not used to being on transportation vessels with so many military officers and personnel as this ship had. It was almost as if it wasn't a transportation ship at all, more like a military vessel, but he had boarded this ship because someone had told him he would get to visit Sharb, which was rather high on his ''Planets to visit''-list.

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