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Approved Tech Promissium Annulos

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His Ring

Her Ring

  • Manufacturer: Atheus/Veiere
  • Model: Promissium Annulos - "Promise Rings" in Latin/Hellyni
  • Affiliation: Individual Character Name
    ​[member="Lady Kay"]
  • [member="Veiere Arenais"]

[*]Modularity: N/A
[*]Production: Semi-Unique (One for the Queen and King each.)
  • ​Lady Kay's
  • Altered Diamond
  • Obsidian

  • Electrum
  • Obsidian
  • Altered Sapphire

Both Lady Kay, and Veiere are former Jedi. While they have their reasons, many still consider a Jedi in all but name. Thus, Concentration in the force is very helpful. Allowing them to more easily enter this state of mind, and be able to function much more easily during it. Be taking a shot into a Death Star's Vent, or concentration upon anything else.

With Lady Kay previously falling to the dark side for a time, and having to deal with amnesia in some cases, Cleanse Mind aids in the protection of her and Veiere's mind should anyone attack them mentally. While it is not replaced with the ring, it easily allows them to use the power than someone who does not wear the ring.

Strengthening their force bond, The band acts like a cell tower for the force. Making the signal to one another stronger, and more prominent and be used at further distances than without the ring.

As a safeguard, and a Last resort, The rings act with the force to send out a calling to not just the surrounding area, but to the other wearer. Should Kay get in trouble again, as she always does, and needs aid, she can pull upon this power to aid her in reaching out to any help necessary for her.


  • Strengthened Force Bond
  • Aids in use of Concentration and Cleanse Mind abilities.
  • Force Call when in need of aid.
  • Stronger bands
Weaknesses :
  • All powers listed are only aided by the rings. It does not replace the powers, nor the need to use their own energy to use. As such, Force Call takes significant energy and concentration. thus, the rings only aid the use of these force powers.
  • Forged and crafted by Force Imbued processes, When in a Force nullification bubble, the effects will not work. However, because of their aided use of the force bond, should one of them be reaching out to the other, and get "static" then the other will know that they entered a nullification bubble.
A symbol of marriage, as well as Veiere's love for a woman that could only be Lady Kay Larr, these two rings were forged and created by Veiere with the very much needed aid of Atheus. As Veiere is not accustomed to the process of creating such items, Both of them worked together to create the item. Mostly with Atheus performing most of the forging, and Veiere consummating both of the rings to work together, and to attune them to himself and Lady Kay with their Force Bond.

Crafted out of silver for Kay Larr's bands, with a pointed oval made of smoothed obsidian, and various diamonds arranged on the bands themselves, as well as one larger one as the center piece. As crafted via Force Imbuement, then ring glows brighter than any other ring, and when using the force, the silver illuminates slightly as though the ring is truly an extension of Lay Kay.

Created using Electrum for a base, and the victorian styled inlay for the engraving, Obsidian is once more used as the outer layer of the band, and widening to a sapphire. As a Master of the force, Newly crowned King, and as his symbol for leadership in the Knights of the Commenori Order, the use of Electrum is warranted, and a sapphire as the main color palate for Commenor.

Created with the aid of Atheus as a friend, and as a future benefactor of the Commenor faction, this is a sign that the King and Queen can instill a trust in him that has been growing over the time they have been working together. For his friendship and mentor/student relationship with Lady Kay. For a Battlefield Comrade, and friend of Veiere Arenais. This is a Gift to them for their wedding, and thus they owe him no credits.

As a surprise to both of them, Inscribed upon the inner rings for both rings is, "Animum tuum fortissimum habere promissis risus semper memores uberum tuorum" in the Hellyni culture that means "Keep your heart strong, hold tight your promises, and always remember your love."
<p>Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.</p>
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