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Project Pantheon [Bio,Description, stats, info]

Moff Iridius

Project Pantheon

The galaxy is filled with warriors, of all shapes and sizes some small as ewoks and others as big as rancors, but if you stop to look at every culture's greatest warriors you begin to see what sets them apart from the others. The Jedi's Clarity, the Sith's cunning and deception, the mandalorians will and relentlessness in battle. These are few among many of the warriors our galaxy has to offer. And from them the Czar is born and crafted to become the greatest warrior of all. Augmented to become stronger, faster, and smarter than any normal being the Czars purpose is to defend the empire against its enemies and the growing tides of war. Trained to encompass all ways of the force to better understand and destroy their enemy. Equipped with the best weapons and armor developed by the imperial government. The Czar will become the greatest warrior in the galaxy, and through their sacrifice the empire shall prosper and become the most powerful faction in this galaxy where they rightfully belong.

Project Pantheon's founding

When the fringe came to the home world of the Galactic Empire they came with everything they had. weapon, soldiers, ships, and some of the greatest force users this galaxy had to offer. Without any knowledge of the imperial inquisition (A group of force users dedicated to the control of force users) Dr.Krasnican decided that something needed to be done to combat the enemy force users and troops before imperial worlds fell after the other under the might of the fringe. Through funding and development by TITAN Industries and under the mind of Doctor Marie Krasnican Project Pantheon was put into development. The projects goal was recruit other force sensitive beings to become the ultimate warrior through superior technology, training, and equipment.

Project Pantheon started on a rough road as most projects do, the inability for most test subjects to adapt and overcome the augmentations to their bodies. Most early subjects either went mad or died others becoming crippled by the very things meant to make them strong. Dozens of men and women dead with no successful results the project surly was to be cut, the empire could not afford to sacrifice its sons and daughters for the dreams of a maddening old woman. Millions of credits thrown down the drain and dozens dead or worse, the project pantheon became the laughing stock of the imperial science community. Stopping at nothing though Dr.Krasnican continued to press on to realize her dream and save the lives of everyone in the galactic empire, even if those lives didn't believe in her work.

Everything had to come to an end, all had seemed lost. Until one day during the final days of trials of an augmentation procedure designed to strengthen the subjects skeleton to be harder than rocks themselves showed signs of success. A patient a volunteer for the project had stepped up and became the first being to survive and thrive from the procedure. A small hope shined in the darkness of the project, it needed to be pursued. The man was tested, pushed beyond the limit of safety and sanity to create the ultimate warrior. Augmentation to make him stronger, faster, smarter, and armor to make him tougher. Pushing through the project the man became the first of the super soldiers, his strength and relentlessness now knew no bounds.

The procedure was a success and it had to be followed up with a second to make sure the first wasn't an anomaly, though in this dark time test subjects were scarce the empire could not give away anymore of its children. Though there was one answer, the inquisition and the people they had taken in the night. Upon receiving the new subject, he was pushed through the program under the same procedures as the first. And through the pain and agony he too rose to be victorious and join his brother in arms as the first of a generation. Now complete the fruits of the project had to be tested, and what better way to do it then baptism through combat. The pair of augmented super humans were sent to crush an uprising on the imperial world of Galantos. Crushing all that stood in their way the men showed signs of precision and relentlessness in the face of certain death and if need be the sacrifice of their own lives to uphold the beacon of light that is the imperial way of life.

And now the project grows, needing more sons and daughters to fight off the darkness that ensnares this galaxy, and when it does end. You will stand victorious as the king of the battlefield.

The Czar

Goal: To take a force sensitive everyday person and augment them to grow taller gain more muscle, become faster, stronger, and deadlier, give them a grad school education, Train them in the force to be greater than any highly trained commando, Jedi, sith or mando and have them rule the battlefield.

Duties: To locate close with and destroy the enemy by any means necessary, and to repel the enemy assault through highly trained precision and relentlessness. The Czar is an all purpose super soldier that can be used for both special operations forces and front line combat. As a Czar you are tasked with the safety of the empire and the safety of your fellow brothers and sisters.

Education: deception, meditation, firearms, armor repair, moral compass, vehicle operation, military tactics, physics, mathematics, force training, anti force user technology and applications, mixed martial arts, lightsaber combat, culture and history, Physical Fitness, Drill, Reading, Writing, Science.

Project Candidates: Anybody can become a Czar as long as they get through all the surgical procedures and training alive. Sixty percent of every Czar class either washes out of training or receive a honorable medical discharge due to their bodies rejecting the augmentations. But if you have what it takes to make it through and earn the armor. You will be among the galaxies most elite warriors.

Czar creed: I am the embodiment of every warrior that has come before me, my strength knows no bound. My clarity guides me through battle. My relentlessness carries me even when it seems all hope is lost. I am the perfect warrior whose duties are to locate close with and destroy the enemy through intellect and relentlessness, and to repel the enemy assault by precision skill and power. And if it is my day to die in the glory that is battle I do so gladly knowing I died next to my brothers and sisters. I am the Czar, king of the battlefield.

Average stats
Height: 6 to 7+ feet
Weight: 230 to 300 pounds
IQ: 115 to 130

Czar gear