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Approved Starship Procurator-XI-class heavy battlecruiser

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Cathul Thuku

Admiral, Therapy Command

The port bow view


The underside view


The aft starboard view


  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda StarYards
  • Model: Procurator-XI-class heavy battlecruiser
  • Affiliation: Closed-market
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Durasteel frame, quadranium plating
  • Classification: Heavy Battlecruiser
  • Length: 3000m
  • Width: 1600m
  • Height: 900m
  • Armament: Extreme (3600/90/500)
  • 32 Toprawa heavy long-range turbolasers (in double turrets; 12 dorsal, 4 dorsal; 576 standard turbolaser equivalents)
  • 16 Scarif heavy long-range ion cannons (in double turrets; 6 dorsal, 2 ventral; 288 standard turbolaser equivalents)
  • 12 Galidraan heavy hypervelocity cannons (6 topside, 6 underside; 600 turbolaser equivalents)
  • 294 Gatling rapid-fire turbolasers (98 triple turrets: 10 forward, 12 ventral, 12 aft, 12 dorsal, 26 port, 26 starboard; 1176 turbolaser equivalents)
  • 82 Browning rapid-fire ion cannons (41 double turrets, 12 port, 12 starboard, 5 topside, 5 underside, 4 fore, 3 aft; 336 turbolaser equivalents)
  • 5 Sardun heavy long-range hypervelocity cannons (2 dorsal, 3 ventral; 500 turbolaser equivalents)
  • 3 heavy tractor beams (30 turbolaser equivalents)
  • 6 tractor beams (6 turbolaser equivalents)
  • 12 heavy long-range solar ionization cannons (4 port, 4 starboard, 4 aft; 96 turbolaser equivalents)
  • 42 heavy energy torpedo launchers (42 heavy missile launcher equivalents)
  • 48 heavy missile launchers
  • 400 Ventooine electromagnetic plasma machineguns (75 port, 75 starboard, 50 forward, 60 aft, 70 dorsal, 70 ventral; 400 point-defense weapon equivalents)
  • 25 Finalizer point-defense missile banks (100 point-defense weapon equivalents)
  • Defenses: Very High
  • Hangar: 10 Squadrons
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Very Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1



  • Long-range firepower
  • High resistance to slicing attempts
  • High resistance to mass driver/HVC attacks
  • High resistance to ion/EMP attacks
  • Molecular shields
  • Ability to penetrate interdictor fields
  • Slow, ponderous
  • Limited point-defense and HVC ammunition
  • Exposed command tower: even though it's less of a problem than on Victory-class and Imperator-class ships and its numerous variants produced, due to the shield generators being inside the superstructure, it's still a problem with the Procurator-XI
  • Exposed underside hangar bays: destroying the ordnance stores can also potentially destroy the ship, especially if cluster missiles or heavy proton bombs are loaded for a particular engagement or if the fuel is
  • Exposed reactor dome: a well-placed shot can destroy the ship's reactor and gut the ship from the inside, especially once the shields have failed
  • Rapid-fire ion cannons can drain the shields in a prolonged engagement
  • Rapid-fire turbolasers can only be effective within half a standard turbolaser range
  • Shields become unstable after around 20 minutes: holes in the shields appear at random for durations ranging from 1 minute to 3 minutes, allowing attack craft an opportunity to blow holes into the vessel, especially as shield generators fail; the holes usually range in size from 100m wide to 500m wide, with more fire leading to larger and/or more common holes - a baseline area of 10% of the surface bearing holes in the shields if it wasn't fired at in the first 20 minutes, with a higher rate of hole formation if it came under more fire
Description: When the Procurator-X-class was used in battle, starting with Kaeshana and then further on to the Ison Corridor, and finally in the Metharian Nebula, the Excubitor was found to have several weaknesses: the old Procurator-X's limited long-range firepower made it a liability when fighting enemies that were heavy on the artillery ships, especially since it was accepted since the very beginning that a heavy battlecruiser was going to be slow no matter what one did with it. Also, additional space was devoted to hangar space, bringing the hangar count from 7 squadrons to 10 squadrons, made possible thanks to increased automation and reduced crew requirements. It was also outfitted with a suite of electronic warfare equipment, allowing it to perform electronic jamming and counter enemy jamming as appropriate. Furthermore, composite armor made up of multiple layers of quadranium allows it to better withstand enemy fire of several varieties, with the topmost layer made up of explosive-reactive armor, deforming physical threats upon contact by means of explosions directed at the physical threat in question, be it a missile, a projectile or an asteroid. The shields have been modified, now including molecular shields as well as redundant particle shields, for a total of three shields. However, such a redundant shielding arrangement is not without its shortcomings: after around 20 minutes of sustained combat, and maybe even less if it came under heavy fire, holes in the shielding can appear, even if the shields didn't fail before that point, and an opportunistic enemy can then attempt attacks directed at those spots.

Of course, there are several weaknesses that are still present on this ship that haven't been addressed, such as the exposed, massive dorsal superstructure. But the exposed command tower is not as problematic as the exposed hangar bay, where a stray shot fired at the hangar bay that manages to hit the ordnance magazines or fuel reserves would likely cause problems to the whole ship and potentially cause a chain reaction that can ultimately kill the ship in question. There is also another mechanism allowing for such a catastrophic means of achieving the same result: penetrating the reactor dome underneath it.

Skeleton crew: 8,000
Optimal crew: 34,000
Consumables: 2 years
Cargo capacity: 7 million tons
Passengers: 32,000
Directorate Officer
Cathul Thuku said:
Hangar: 10 Squadrons
This is a nonstandard amount for a ship this size. The closest it gets to though is "Average", which makes this ship overpowered by a single rating.

As always, you're welcome to balance this out through changing a rating, production, or adding significant weaknesses.
Cathul Thuku said:
Haruna regenerative cap drains Griet self-sealing hypermatter tank
As each of these systems include a restricted material, this means that this ships has two restricted materials in it. At this time, we do not allow submissions to use more than one restricted material, which means that this will have to be one system or the other, but not both.

Cathul Thuku

Admiral, Therapy Command
[member="Gir Quee"]: Removed the hypermatter tanks; however, introducing shield holes that could appear after around 20 minutes of sustained combat (even if the shields didn't fail by that point) would probably be a more significant weakness than just explaining why exposed ventral hangars or an exposed reactor dome is a weakness and what could happen if someone was to exploit it.
Directorate Officer
Cathul Thuku said:
Shields become unstable after around 20 minutes of sustained fire (or less if it comes under heavy fire): holes in the shields can appear, allowing attack craft an opportunity to blow holes into the vessel, especially as shield generators fail
More detail is going to be needed for this to count towards balancing, such as the length of time that these shield holes are open for, the relative size of the holes, and how common the holes are across the ship.

Additionally, please remove "can" from the above sentence. This has to be something that absolutely does occur in order for this to count for balance purposes.

Similarly, please remove "of sustained fire (or less if it comes under heavy fire)". In many instances, the ship's shields should likely be failing and having holes open up if it comes under enemy fire reg. This should be true for most ships, not just this ship in particular, which means that this isn't a unusual weakness. For this to count towards being a weakness, this is something that should occur randomly, regardless if the ship has been attacked or not.
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