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Approved Tech Praetorian Guard Battle Armor

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..:: Out of Character Information ::..

Intent: A battle armor for use by the House Syrush Praetorian Guard during non-state functions; as well as to be used by other House Guards or Personal Guards in the Free Worlds Coalition

Image Source: [Here]

Canon Link: N/a
Restricted Missions: N/a
Primary Source: N/a

..:: Production Information ::..



  • House Syrush
  • Free Worlds Coalition

  • Limited
    Colors, Insignia, and Crests are the only part of the armor that is changeable.

  • Limited


..:: Technical Specifications ::..

  • Multipurpose
  • 25 kg

  • 8

..:: Special Features ::..

  • Built-in Commlink
  • Polarization and Flash Protection
  • Targeting HUD System
  • Magnetic Boots
  • Armorweave Cloak
  • Sealed Bodysuit
  • Temperature Control System
  • Forearm Datapad
  • Breath-Filter System

..:: Detailed Special Features ::..

  • Built-in Commlink - A commlink to allow individuals to communicate with one another on the open battlefield.

  • Polarization and Flash Protection - Each helmet contains a autoreaction system that tunes the visor of the armor upon detecting certain situations. This protects an individual's eyesight by either polarizing the visor to protect against sunlight or ensuring that the flash aspect of a flashbang does not affect the individual's eyes.

  • Targeting HUD System - A built in Heads up Display aids in the differentiating between Friend and Foe in the smoke and debris filled chaos of a battlefield.

  • Magnetic Boots - Integrating a very useful system, the armor allows its user to adhere to the metallic surface (starship hulls, walls, etc etc). This can be useful in various ways, for example if the internal gravity of a starship were shut off.

  • Armorweave Cloak - Each suit of armor comes with an Armorweave Clock for added protection. This cloak also often contains the unit insignia or affiliation of the soldier.

  • Sealed Bodysuit - Your every day sealed body suit as seen in many other armors, most notably the Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper Armors.

  • Temperature Control System - This system allows the individual to maintain a constant controlled temperature, allowing the armor to be worn in a multitude of environments and weather conditions.

  • Forearm Datapad - A unique addition to the armor is its integrated datapad. Hidden under an armor plate on the left forearm is a small datapad. This datapad can be accessed by flipping the armor plate up. It can be used to hold orders, maps, secure data and other various needs that could arise on the battlefield.

  • Breath-Filter System - This system filters out gases, poisons, smoke and other debris particles in the air to prevent the individual from breathing them in and compromising themselves.

  • Capable of withstanding light to medium powered blaster bolts, as well as being able to survive glancing blows from powerful blaster bolts. However it is incapable of surviving any glancing or direct hit from a Blaster Cannon.

  • Both the cloak and armor itself are resistant to fire, requiring a high temperature burn in order to scorch and begin melting the plates.

Weaknesses :
  • While offering protection from light to medium powered blaster bolts, and glancing blows from high powered bolts; the armor can easily be penetrated by high caliber slughthrower slugs, which seemingly tear through the armor plating with ease.

  • While it does have some capabilities seen in other similar armors (such as the magnetic boots, sealed bodysuit, etc) it is not capable of being completely sealed to permit operating in the vacuum of space. Likewise while it does filter out toxins, poisonous gases and smoke, it does not protect against environmentally hazardous worlds (such as those bathed in radiation).

..:: Description ::..

We introduce the PBA-MKI (Praetorian Battle Armor Mark I).

While the Praetorian Guard has a Ceremonial Armor, there are some occasions in which Ceremonial Armor is not suited, one such occasion being war. Thus the Praetorian Battle Armor was designed to provide the Praetorian Guard with the proper armor for when it marched into action. Where as the Ceremonial Armor was designed for comfort, the Battle Armor was designed for war.

Capable of withstanding the heat of battle, as well as filtering out the toxins and smoke often on the battlefield itself, the armor contains an integrated datapad system to keep small units up to date on shifting lines and new objectives. An internal commlink system coupled with a Targeting HUD System ensure that units can remain in constant contact and prevent them from firing upon members of their own units.

The downside to many of the armor's capabilities is that it requires a large amount of maintenance to ensure that the armor continues to function. Even during periods in which the armor is not used it must be cared for to ensure that each system operates at peak efficiency. This is also coupled with just how easy it is to penetrate the armor. While it is capable of withstanding direct hits from a low yield or medium yield blast (even surviving a glancing blow from a high yield blaster bolt) it can easily be torn to shreds by a high caliber slugthrower slug.

Likewise while it is capable of filtering out poisons, smoke, debris and other toxins in the air; unlike Stormtrooper armor and similar armor, it can not be sealed to permit operating in a vacuum. This also means that it can not be utilized in hazardous environments (such as radioactive areas).

Haytham Kaze

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Amelia Sorenn-Syrush said:
The armor itself and more specifically its systems are rather finicky and delicate. This means that the armor needs constant attention and maintenance, even when not in use to ensure that its systems are always operating at optimal means.
You can drop this as a weakness, the other two are satisfactory.

Tag me once you've done so.

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