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Possible Planets We Can Aid/Story Crafting

This thread here is to gather all that we can about where the Vanguard will be headed, as well as personal, or faction based story lines that can aid, or are tied to the Vanguard in some form. Let me know in a mention, and I can update this post to create a directory!

First things first, Planets that we are going for.

As Stated in another thread, we are looking at Safe Haven as nobody has touched it, and its rather hidden from everyone else. So I am making of list of planets that I can see us helping with, or aiding at some point due to either a very unique species of beings, or because of potential resources we can use.

  • Hora - Lightsaber technology, Epicanthix Like Race of "Space Greeks," Possible Military structure/Soldier Recruitment.
  • Commenor - A Planetary Faction ruled by [member="Lady Kay"] as Queen. Valuable Tourist world, Relations with another minor Faction, chrysopaz gemstones, Trading Hub, Likely could be the Trade Center for the Vanguard, and independent company growth.
  • Midvinter - Harsh snowy planet of Valkyri (Space Vikings), Possible soldier recruitment, Connections to the Silver Jedi, Heavenshield Royal Family, And tons of alcohol!
  • Luria - Planet to Space Scotts, Exports various rare materials, Fine clothing, and gems/crystals. Good place to look into. *Courtesy of [member="Théodred Heavenshield"]*
  • Mandalore - Planet of the Mandalorian Culture. With the recent attacks, and being left decimated, A very good place to get some Mandalorians on our side, as well as technology, or just the general aid to Mandalorains.
  • Eshan - Homeworld of the Echani, a race of martial artists, and swordsman. Learning fighting techniques from them will be very useful, their forging of blades, and light armors can be useful as well. The people are very important as well.
These are just a few named planets that I can really see us working with, and since most of them are right near the tingle arm, Unknown space, and the mid to the inner rims, we have a healthy look at places we can go.

If you guys have any other planetary ideas, let me know, and I can add them to the list, or even if there is a faction, or government you could see us aiding, *any at all, no discrimination* then we can add that as well.

[member="Aya Clarke"], [member="Keira Ticon"], [member="Lady Kay"], [member="Veiere Arenais"], [member="Diana Veneris"], [member="Théodred Heavenshield"], [member="Zenva Vrotoa"],


Sphaera Tea Company Owner

Valuable tourist world? That's it? :p Don't forget the chrysopaz gemstones (can be used for lightsabers), the brandy and starship factories. Not to mention it has an economy run by trade, which can help any members tier up their companies :)

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
[member="Lady Kay"]

(Darlyn here)

And the puns. Huge export of puns.

And technically Aelozath isn't on the map yet nor does Aya hold more sway than a low-ranking nobility, but eventually Aelozath will be a fairly major part of her story arc, if you want to include that somewhere up there.

Primary exports are metal and tourism of the very beautiful, almost pristine world in many ways.

Plus you know. Knights and shiz are cool.

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