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Pollux Alrai

Pollux Alrai

Kiffar Pilot
NAME: Pollux Alrai
RANK: Ace Pilot / Smuggler / Mercenary
AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 162 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Fair




+) Ace Pilot: Pollux is one of the top pilots graduating from the pilot academy in Corellia. He's been flying starships ever since he became legal enough to do so, and has spent thousands of hours in different cockpits. Pollux is often called upon to perform dangerous missions, all of which requires great piloting skills.

+) Smart: Broadly, Pollux is a bright individual, one of the reasons why he is such a capable pilot in the first place. He has no problem adapting to flying different starships, and often can fix most parts of a ship easily.

+) Loyal: Pollux has developed loyalties to certain people over his lifetime. First and foremost, Pollux would go far beyond what is expected to do what he can to help his friends and allies. He is also often times loyal to his client that had given him a mission, usually seeing to it that the mission is carried out quickly and efficiently.

-) Impatient: Pollux is described as an impatient pilot, often due to his intolerance of anything off-task. He is a man who stresses making the most out of his time, and his impatience has gotten him in tough situations several times.

-) Sometimes Aggressive: Pollux is one of those pilots who would rather be safe than sorry, and would shoot down foreign ships if they posed any sort of a threat to him. He also tends to make aggressive maneuvers in certain situations.


(Custom H-type Nubian yacht)


(Custom B-Wing Starfighter)



Pollux Alrai was born into a moderately financially successful family in the planet of Corellia. Pollux's father was a famous pilot, his mother being a well earning bounty hunter. Pollux showed great interest in flying ships at early age, and his parents paid for his expensive education at a Naval Academy in Corellia. Within several years, Pollux would graduate from the academy as one of the best pilots, capable of flying several different types of starships. He also mastered shooting skills at local academies.

By age twenty, Pollux left the family to begin his career as a pilot. After a few years working as a civil pilot, Pollux moved onto becoming a fighter pilot, leasing (and later buying) himself several starships from the money he recieved from his family fortune. He would later make a fortune for himself doing different missions, some of them being so difficult that they were almost considered by many to be suicidal. He became more and more known as the word spread about the skilled pilot from Corellia, who was not afraid to do the most difficult tasks. As long as he gets paid right, he's a happy man. Pollux now roams the Galaxy, constantly on the look-out for missions.