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Politics, Profit and Pirates, Oh My! (CSA Dominion of Balmorra Hex)

One with the Force

Grid Location: W,28.
Objective Worlds: Balmorra, Neimoidia, Humbarine, Tesforam (Custom Planet).
Interested Parties: CSA, Clan Raxis, Clan Australis.

Prologue: In the wake of recent reports coming out of the Holo-net regarding Amber Attacks and the growing tension across the galactic map, numerous major powers in the Galaxy are looking to the core worlds as the Galactic Alliance has fallen silent. With so many worlds still fending to protect themselves from criminality, war and now a growing fear of biological attacks, the Commenor Systems Alliance has turned its attention to the Balmorra Hex in the hope of securing yet another sector and bringing further aid and financial stability to the region should they fall under the banners of the CSA.

Objective 1: Bring your own Story.
Objective 2: Political Entourage - Meet with the world leaders of Balmorra to discuss terms to be agreed upon for their commitment to the Commenor Systems Alliance.
Objective 3: A Buyers Market - Visit Neimoidia, a trade heavy world whom could secure valuable import/export business with Commenor, whom also revels in trade.
Objective 4: Hunkering down on Humbarine - Secure the Fortress world of Humbarine which has been overrun by rogue pirates and become a hub for all smuggling and slavery in the sector.