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Political Standings and Info

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The Black Flame
Political Affairs with foreign powers
Enacted policies
Universal Abomination Act
1. As the growing conflict with the Sith Empire continues it is hereby found by the Imperator Ronin Fel that the Sith and their culture are
2. a clear and present threat to the safety and security of the Fel Imperium and her allies, as well as a grave threat to galactic peace at
3. large. Due to the violent and quickly spreading nature of the Sith, Imperator Ronin Fel has found that the Sith culture poses a threat
4.that can only be met with the most extraordinary force in order to preserve freedom and peace throughout the galaxy.
5. Section I: All followers of the Darkside Cult (Referred to universally as the Sith) are no longer recognized as sentient beings by the
6. Fel Imperium. This includes all those who follow their teachings, practice their arts, or consider themselves in anyway as apart of the
7. cult known as the Sith. However, this bill excludes those who were forced, by the cult known as the Sith and their Empire, to practice
8. the ways of the Sith.
9. Section II: The Fel Imperium no longer recognizes any galactic law that would classify the Sith as sentient beings nor does it
10. recognize the rights that would be given unto them under galactic laws. As Sith are no longer recognized as sentient beings by the
11. Imperium, the Fel Imperium refuses to recognize the Sith as benefiting members of the galactic community and its laws.
12. Section III: The cult known as the Sith and all of its followers are hereby sentenced to death without trial by the authority of the
13.Fel Imperium and the Embodiment of the Force and leader of the Fel Imperium, Imperator Ronin Fel. All Sith Followers, regardless
14. of rank, standing or power are to be terminated systematically until the threat of their power has been extinguished from the galaxy.
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