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Approved Tech Plasma Edged VibroKnife

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Javek Tysis


Intent: Personal Vibroknife for Javek Tysis
Development Thread: If need be, yes.
Manufacturer: Alask Blek
Model: PEV - Plasma Edged Vibroknife
Affiliation: N/A
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel(Blade), Bronzium(Hilt),
Classification: Vibroknife
Size: One-Handed
Length: 30.9 cm, 18 cm (Blade)
Weight: 0.58 kg

Special Features:

- Plasma edged blade

- Soft Grip

Description: The Plasma Vibroknife was created to be used as an efficient secondary in combat if the need arises. Because of it's plasma edging the Knife allows for deeper and easier punctures against thick objects and foes alike. The blade is capable of piercing everything from plasteel to plastoid. Although durasteel and harder materials will stand up better to swings and thrust made by this knife, attacking weaker spots of an opponents armor will prove to be effective.
Triumvir of Power
Javek Tysis said:
Cortosis is a restricted material and requires a minimum of 10 posts in a development thread that fulfills one of the listed objectives for obtaining Cortosis.

Cortosis(( Objective : Perform a mining operation, a raid, an excavation, or steal to obtain cortosis ore from any of the following planets: Apatros, Obredaan, Katanos VII, Duro, Bal’demnic, Mnencheiasus, Gallos or Bespin –OR—suffer a devastating defeat at the hands of a Force User Character written by another writer. ))
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