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Planets of the Free Worlds Coalition

The Following is a list of the Cannonical Worlds of Star Wars that are located within the Free Worlds Coalition Hex, however they do not show up on the Star Wars Chaos Map.

This list will also include the worlds located on the Chaos Map as well as those planets (habitable or inhabitable) that share a system.

This is a best guess as to the worlds that are located within a Hex.

Note: The list is done in an alphabetical order, including any moons or planets of note in the same system. Their listing does not reflect their orbital position.

Deep Core Worlds

The Core Worlds

[*]Aldraig IV


[*]Corellia - FWC Presence

[*]Korfo II

[*]Leria Kersil

  • ​(1) Moon





[*]Tyed Kant

The Colonies

[*]Ifmix VI
[*]Manwess III

[*]Resht VII
[*]Shulstine V
[*]Uviuy Exen
[*]Xobome VI
[*]Yabol Opa

The Inner Rim



  • ​(3) Moons

  • (​4) Moons

  • ​(17) Moons
Edited on 7 / 30 / 2017 due to the Map Hex changes
These are my best guestimates of which planets fall within Free Worlds Coalition territory.
If you feel that a planet should not be on the list, or that there is one missing, please inform me so I may correct the list.
[member="Faith Organa"] - I've added the above planets. I'll try to keep the list updated as best I can, though I won't have time to do an indepth census of the worlds in the FWC influence cloud on the map for a while. So for now it'll just have the primary worlds already marked on the map until I can come through and take a longer look at the maps.

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