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Pirate Radio #3

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Hey folks, Chapter Pres here.

Unfortunately we lost Jimmy as some kind of Outer Rim folks came by and snatched him up. On the flipside we have an open VP spot. Also I'm trying to get some more threads going for us. What do folks want to see?

In addition we have new Bling and a Brand new bike.

I'll be handing them out shortly. Stay tuned!


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
Outer rim bloke was leo one of the vets in outer rim collation
In a sense his jim's superior
Kinda sad he didn't notice me since im also in orc


The Attention Seeker
Lame Jim was fun. Also sorry would have posted sooner if I knew he was gone. Was kinda waiting on him. As for the new VP position our options are a little thin aren't they. I'll go for it if nobody minds.

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