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Pilot-For-Hire: Reliable, Cheap, and No Questions Asked!

Greetings, all!

My name's Vishkar, a humble Ithorian pilot who's been from one side of the Galaxy to the other, running cargo, smuggling munitions and items of interest, transporting others from planet to planet, and other meager tasks involving exploration, combat, and whatever I'm to paid to do.

As long as the safety of my patrons is not jeopardized, everybody is happy.

I'm always looking for work; contact me via Holocom, Link, or find me on Sullust when I'm not working!

Glad to have you here Vishkar. We have plenty of threads ongoing right now if you would like to hop on.

We also have the invasion which you can still join in if you like. We could always do with another pilot helping us out!

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