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Phoenix Fleet


Name: Phoenix Fleet
Intent: To create a combined elements fleet for the purpose of safeguarding the Galactic Alliance and like minded governments from the evils of the galaxy.
Membership Requirement: Perspective, prospective characters should have been dealt a defeat by evil forces such as the First Order, Sith Governments, and other malignant autocratic regimes. Prospective characters should also have good relations with the Galactic Alliance, the Free Worlds Coalition, Firemane, or similarly minded organizations.
Size: This is a Combined Elements Fleet, aspects of which can be as small as a single squad of soldiers assigned to a ship, or as large as a task force of the fleet.
Codex Links: N/A
Fleet Admiral [member="alexandra morrow"]
Signature Tag: Still in the works
Description: The war between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance was only a symptom of the times. The Alliance was not the only thing at stake, and the wider galaxy was in need of help as well. After not only taking stinging defeats, but also ordered to withdraw from the field by superiors, Lexi knew that an organization had to come forth with the ability and desire to strike back. Taking some aspects from previous Rebellion modeled groups, Alexandra Morrow utilized resources at her disposal from several fronts and Phoenix Fleet was born.

Phoenix Fleet Ships
Cygnar Class Mk I

-Task Force 1-

ANS Argent Dawn
ANS Liberator
-Rose Squadron
-Iris Squadron
-Queen Squadron
-Rook Squadron
-3x Gar'Surhbir Dropships
ANS Ember of Hope
ANS Phetar
-10x Gar'Suhrbir Dropships
-10x Orbalisk Boarding Shuttle
ANS Firewall
-Berserker Wing
-Thunderbolt Squadron
-Ward Squadron
-Firebolt Squadron
-Dark Squadron
-Bishop Squadron
-King Squadron
-Orchid Squadron
FNS Sarix
-Blade Squadron
-4x Gar'Suhrbir Dropships
FNS Fireborne
-Sunflare Squadron
-4x Gar'Suhrbir Dropships

FNS Revenge
-Cold Squadron
-4x Gar'Suhrbir Dropships
FNS Battleborne
-Dancer Squadron
-4x Gar'Suhrbir Dropships
This subgroup has been flagged for archival due to inactivity/outdated information on the structure of the Alliance-in-Exile. If you feel this is in error or would like this thread restored for updates feel free to PM either myself or [member="Coren Starchaser"].

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