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Unreviewed Phase I "Susurration" Anti-Sonic Silencer

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  • Intent: To create a device which can silence weapon discharges.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: Sonic Damper, Sonic Damper Field
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Agents of Chaos
  • Affiliation: Agents of Chaos
  • Model: Phase I
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Sonic Damper Components, Faraday Cage Construction, Duraplast, Micro-Power Cell
  • The Susurration detects when a weapon's discharge is imminent and utilizes a temporarily projected high-capacity sonic damper field to silence weapons’ fire, rendering it roughly as loud as a soft and snappy hiss at the point of discharge.
  • Utilizes a direct neural link to an organic operator or direct interfacing with a data-brain to detect when the operator tends to fire. The weapon's neural reader tends to link directly to an armor or outfit with a neural interfacing system.
  • The system can also detect an imminent weapon's discharge via a trigger pull. However, this method is somewhat less efficient and more prone to registering false positives than a direct neural link or interfacing with a data-brain.
  • Can be utilized through a number of different methods, such as being constructed directly into a host platform (Armor, Droid, Weapon, Vehicle. Etc.), as an under barrel weapon attachment, a wrist-mounted utility device, and other formats.
  • Features a number of power settings for weapons of different levels of sound pressure.
  • Can be up or down-scaled depending on the size of the host platform and the sonic pressure levels generated by its weapon discharges. Larger variants can be fitted on ground vehicles, while smaller models can be utilized by infantry and on small arms.
  • Silence: The Susurration generates a temporary, high-capacity sonic damper field which is capable of almost completely silencing weapons’ fire.
  • Small Form Factor: Possessing a small form factor, the Susurration is very light and its smaller variants can easily be carried and utilized by infantry with virtually all types of small arms. In addition, smaller weapons, such as pistols and carbines, can be silenced entirely.
  • Neural Interface: The Susurration's neural-interfacing software must also be preemptively trained to recognize the distinct neural readings given by each individual operator during the moment they intend to fire their weapon, or else it may trigger a false positive reading.
  • Supersonic: Although the sound of the weapon’s discharge is almost completely silent at the point of discharge, the sonic damper field will not dampen or suppress the sonic boom generated by projectiles flying at supersonic velocities.
  • Operational Limitations: The Susurration can not passively sustain a sonic damper field with the capacity to silence the loud sounds generated by weapons due to the extensive power requirements of doing so. As such, it only activates when it detects that the operator intends to fire their weapons and is not viable for sound suppressing duties for other purposes.
The Phase I “Susurration” Anti-Sonic Silencer is a weapon suppressor which utilizes a projected high-capacity sonic damper field to silence weapons fire. Developed and conceived within the military research laboratories of the Scintilla, the system was designed to be easily up and down-scaled in order to fit various platforms, from small arms up to vehicle-grade main cannons. It also possesses a small form factor relative to all compatible host platforms. All in all, the Susurration is a very practical utility device which affords its operators a higher degree of versatility in the modern battlespace.
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