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Approved Tech Phase I Hereticus Armor

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The Spacepiress of Chaos
Out of Character Information
Intent: Light Armor for the Order of the Godclaw
Image Source: [HERE]
Canon Link: Not Applicable
Permissions: Not Applicable
Primary Link: Not Applicable

Production Information
Manufacturer: The Hellforge
Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems; The Hellknight Corps; Order of the Godclaw
Model: Phase I Hereticus
Modularity: Yes; Limited to Emblems and Colors of a particular Sub-Chapter
Production: Limited

Technical Information
Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: Light
Energy: Average
Kinetic: Average
Lightsabers: None
Sonic: Low
Ion: Low
EMP: Low
Radiation: Average
Elemental: Average

Special Features
Torso: Environmental Control UnitLegs: Keen Protector PlatesAdditional Systems: IFF Circuitry
Manual Suit Sealing KitMagnetic Boots with Grav-Field AlternatorTemperature Control Bodysuit
Reinforced Chest Plate

Advanced Features

  • Lightweight - Constructed of lightweight materials, the armor does not hinder or limit the natural movement of the individual that dons the armor. Offering protection against various sources, it also does not interfere with an individual's natural dexterity, channeling of the force, or more dexterous movements such as those involving flips, jumps, or similar movements.
  • Plasteel Plates - The armor has a series of smaller pockets in which plasteel plates can be slipped to provide additional protection when needed. Alternatively, these plates can be removed if the individual feels that they add too much weight or would potentially hinder their movement.
  • Concealable Holster - Resting beneath the chest piece of the armor is a small holster that is just large enough to comfortably carry a hold-out blaster.
  • Weather Proofed - The Ranco-Leather Cape and Hat have been weather-proofed, allowing rain to bead up and roll off of the material. It is also resistant to the effects of cold and heat - such as those often encountered on planets like Hoth and Tatooine - preventing the leather from drying out and cracking.
  • Chromium Lining - A thin layer of chromium lines the interior of the armor, providing a limited amount of resistance to radiation - however, it is not present in sufficient quantities to fully block out the effects; only in enough as to ensure that an individual has the time to retreat from a radioactive area.
  • Supplementary Armor - Additional, lightweight pieces of armor can be added or removed from the armor; including, gauntlets, pauldrons, greaves, and other similar pieces to provide additional coverage or protection as needed.

  • Sonic - While offering limited protection against Sonic based weaponry - as the armor may withstand the first or second blast - it is otherwise incapable of withstanding additional sonic attacks or even those from heavier weapons such as Sonic Cannons.
  • Supplementary Armor - While the armor is capable of being supplemented with additional pieces; this in turn can potentially cause problems. Too many supplementary pieces will result in a heavier armor - defeating the original intended purpose of it being lightweight - while also, (depending on the supplementary armor's features and components), potentially hindering or cutting an individual off from the Force, dexterous movements, or any other number of factors which would cause the armor to become a liability.
  • Lightsabers - There is no stopping a lightsaber with this armor; nor is it even capable of withstanding a glancing blow without it becoming damaged or injuring the individual wearing the armor.
  • Lightweight - Its lightweight means that it offers little to no protection against blunt force trauma or those types of attacks that involve or utilized a bludgeoning weapon such as hammers, maces, or similar heavy objects.
  • Limited Coverage - The largest piece of the armor is its Chest Piece; with the armor most focused on protecting the vital organs of a humanoid species anatomy often located in the chest cavity. This often leaves the thighs, arms, hands, and head exposed to danger.
  • Incapable of being Sealed - As the armor lacks a proper helmet; it is incapable of being sealed against any kind of biological, chemical, or other such hazardous environmental effect.

Whereas armors such as the Phase II Canoness Battle Armor and Phase II Hellplate are designed to be bulky and heavy as a means to handle the incoming fire and slog through an enemy position; the Hereticus Armor was designed to be a lighter alternative meant to provide unhindered movement and dexterity to the Force User members of the Order of the Godclaw. Designed as a means to differentiate the Signifers from their Hellknight counterparts, the armor is also designed to provide protection without hindering the individual donning the armor. To this end the armor is produced with lightweight materials - though this also proves to be a problem, as the lightweight materials offer little in the way of protection against bludgeoning based weaponry and attacks. And while it can be equipped with supplementary armor pieces to provide additional coverage and protection, this can also potentially hinder the individual's natural dexterity, limited their movement, and in some cases - depending on the nature of the supplementary armor - cut the individual off from the force or utilizing certain force powers.

Focused predominately around protecting the vital organs of the humanoid-form; the main piece of armor is a large chest piece - which behind the plating hides a concealable holster capable of holding a weapon no larger than a hold-out blaster. Likewise, the armor contains small pockets interspersed throughout in which additional plates of Plasteel can be slipped into to provide additional protection when needed, or removed if the individual feels they are a hindrance to their movement. Unlike the heavier armors worn by their Hellknight and Erinyes counterparts, the Heretics armor is incapable of withstanding even a glancing blow from a lightsaber, nor is it capable of withstanding more than one or two strikes from sonic based weaponry before the individual is grievously injured. Additionally, the armor, as it lacks a helmet, is incapable of being fully sealed against biological, chemical, or other such hazardous environments - only having a thin Chromium lining which is just enough to resist low doses of radiation and allow the individual time to escape a radioactive area. This Chromium lining however would not prevent the effects of Radiation poisoning or allow the individual to linger longer than necessary in radioactive locations.

Even with all these drawbacks, it should be remembered that the Hereticus Armor is designed and intended to ensure that an individual's natural dexterity is not hindered; or that their ability to use the force is not mitigated or blocked in some manner. It is a lightweight armor that excels at its purpose; offering some protection and making the wearer look good while they do force assisted flips and jumps.
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