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Approved Tech Phantom Claws

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Son of Triam

  • Classification: Daggers/Throwing Knives
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Cortosis-weave and Terentatek Horn Shell - The hilt of each claw is made of Terentatek horn originally used for a limited edition of C.H.I.T. Darts, cut into segments with a Cortosis-weave filling the gaps. This gives each claw the unique property of being difficult to influence through the force, and capable of shorting out a lightsaber on contact, though contact with a lightsaber still damages the hilt given its piecemeal protection. The blade itself is also made with a cortosis-weave, giving the same lightsaber shorting benefits and natural resistance.
  • Magnetic Anchor - A Magnetic Anchor is attached to the base of the claws, allowing for easy manipulation by RAW Manipulation Projectors and other magnetic clamp technologies.
  • Movement Charged Tazer - Utilizing the conductive nature of the Cortosis-weave, the Phantom Claws can act as a tazer, and this energy is powered through a micro-power cell attached to a Kinetic Recharger. The more the blade moves, the more energy can be output as electrical energy. Once it stops moving, it will output the rest of its collected electrical charge for up to several seconds.
  • Lightsaber Resistent - Through the use of Cortosis-weaves, the hilt and blade are extremely lightsaber resistant, with the ability to short out most lightsabers on contact and take minimal damage.
  • Force Resistant - Each claw utilizes the force resistant properties of Terentatek Horn to mitigate a force users ability to manipulate the claws either in a users hand, or if thrown, while in midair. The effect does not make such a feat impossible, just very difficult.
  • Magnetic Anchor - Although a force user would find it difficult to manipulate the Phantom Claws due to the Terentatek Horn used, one who uses magnetic clamps like the RAW Manipulation Projectors would find it outstandingly easy to manipulate the Phantom Claws remotely thanks to a Magnetic Anchor at the base of each claw. The same constraints of a Magnetic Anchor still apply however, needing to be within seven meters to establish a connection, and a strong power supply.
  • Kinetic Tazer - The Phantom Claws double as tazer blades, utilizing the cortosis as a conductor of electrical charge, an electrical charge that is supplied by a micro-power cell attached to a Kinetic Recharger. This means the more movement the Phantom Claws undergo, the stronger and longer they will be able to supply an electric charge. Once movement has ceased, they will discharge the rest of their collected electricity over the span of a couple seconds.
  • Heavy - These are not well balanced weapons. Despite their small size, they pack a lot of weight due to the nature of its technological features, such as a micro-power cell and kinetic charger, tazer components, and a magnetic anchor, not even to mention the added weight of Terentatek Horn and Cortosis. Each blade is dense and heavy with improvement for its small size.
  • Penetration - As a bladed weapon, armor is naturally the bane of its existence. Most armors tend to provide adequate protection from slashing and piercing damage, as well as electrical damage in many cases. These claws would not find ample purchase on armored opponents. They will, however, still act as anchors for magnetic clamps of RAW Manipulation Projectors.
  • Energy Shields - While the physical nature of the Phantom Claws will allow them to be thrown through an energy shield, once this is done they will not be recoverable through the shield, as the energy shield will block out any attempt to magnetically recover the claws through the use of magnetic clamps or RAW Manipulation Projectors. A user must be wise about an opponents shields, as even personal energy shields can easily disconnect a Phantom Claw from a projector.
  • Physical Destruction - A force user may find it difficult to influence the Phantom Claws directly, and a lightsaber wielder will always be weary of the claws, but any opponent that can influence outside objects or utilizes physical weapons will be able to intercept a thrown Phantom Claw with relative ease. For instance, a force user could cause a rock or other object to bash against the Phantom Claws and cause significant damage. Additionally, they would be vulnerable to ion or EMP blasts that would short out its electronic components, rendering it useless as a tazer or a recoverable item.

With her newfound ability to create items that can be remotely suspended, manipulated, and recovered from a distance utilizing magnetic clamps and magnetic anchors, Triam decided it was finally time to make an upgrade to one of her most versatile innovations. The C.H.I.T. Darts were a rather useful and multi-purpose tool that could be modified with great ease, one such modification was a limited series of darts utilizing Terentatek Horn to increases its resistance to force based manipulation. Triam found it to be a tantalizing idea to have easy psuedo-telekinetic control over an object, while masters of the force would have difficulty influencing directly the same object. Reveling in the irony of the idea, Triam got to work devising a truly nefarious device that could act as the bane of unwise force using opponents.

Utilizing a small reserve of cortosis she had used once for the creation of ordered Phantom Fingers, she continued to up the ante and would make these "claws" lightsaber resistant as well, shorting out a force users most common and deadly weapon, an act Triam had almost turned into an art over her years of invention and innovation. Inspired by her recycling of materials used to construct the Phantom Fingers, she added the combined features of both C.H.I.T. Darts and the Phantom Fingers by making the "Phantom Claws" tazers. However, to minimize the already hefty weight of the claws, she ordered the collection of a ten Kinetic Rechargers, which would allow a more steady power supply for her fast moving blades, though she wouldn't end up using all of them for these claws.

The end result, of course, was something of a fusion between C.H.I.T. Darts and Phantom Fingers (albeit, without the gauntlet, although she did create a replacement for the function), though it was largely neither due to its melee nature. It had the shared capabilities of both the darts and the fingers to taze a target with electricity, it could fly through the air without interruption by the force like the darts, and it could largely ignore/short out lightsaber defenses like the Phantom Fingers. It could not, however, drug its targets like both of the above, and it was not easily modified like the darts. It was additionally susceptible to physical damage, though this was expected, and was not nearly as useful against armored or shielded opponents. They could act as anchors though, on unshielded armored opponents, which would be a rather useful feature on any device that could take advantage of that.

In the end, Triam would be pleased with her Phantom Claws, a welcome addition to her arsenal of gadgets and tools.
Son of Triam
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