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Phalanx Battle System

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Moff Iridius

Phalanx Battle System

Intent: To create a software program and data base to stream real time information into imperial military soldiers and special operators HUDs and provide a constant update of waypoints, mission objectives, and up to date intelligence on and off the battlefield and be managed efficiently through the processor chip and program of a droids brain. As well as use the existing data base of general knowledge known enemy combatants whether they be sith, jedi, CIS, or any commonly known faction's History, strengths, and any known basic knowledge of the enemy or friendly units. (Not available for individuals who are not in positions of power) the system itself captures information through helmet cams (if hooked up to the network.) processes information and adds it to the existing data base for future use if the threat arises again.

Manufacturer: Imperial Ship Works

Model: First of its kind

Affiliation: Upgrade from standard data systems.

Modulations: The system constantly updates with new information and data storing it the main data bank of the imperial tower but is also able to be copied and stored on imperial star destroyers data banks for missions and invasions outside of imperial space.

Phalanx.Mob, a mobile version of the phalanx system for operators cut off from the main network. The mobile network provides the data bank of foes and general information. Though to receive mission objectives and waypoints the user of the system must verbally program the system manually to display objectives and information.

Production: Mass

Ingredients: Advanced coding and programing from the imperial ship works technical staff, housed in the imperial tower servers and ships.

Description: The Phalanx Battle System is a non self thinking data base and program to function as a superior operating system to stream and give operators on the ground and in the air real time information and logistics, linking and connecting all imperial forces on a single superior network running on droid processing chip sets to analyze and stream data. The Phalanx Battle System is the future of warfare and will help save lives through up to date and easily accessible data. Though since it is not a self thinking artificial intelligence and just being put into service the system from time to time glitches and needs to have the bugs worked out. It is also susceptible to viruses and hacking like any computer system making it vulnerable to slicers if not cared for properly. In summary the Phalanx Battle System is the next step to changing the way the imperial military thinks, and gathers data.

Processors: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Processor

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@Dr.Marie Krasnican
A few issues I'd like to see addressed:
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  • Since this is borderline AI and advanced programming for HUDs and Network related software, I'd like to see a development thread done for this.
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