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Phalanx Battle System

Moff Iridius

Location: Imperial Tower

The smell of coding, not that it had a smell but if it did Doctor Marie Krasnican imagined it would be a good one. A team of highly trained technical officers typed away on their data pad getting ready to develop the new Phalanx Battle System a new idea to provide soldiers and operators real time intel and waypoints on and off the battlefield. The system would give operators use of both basic and heuristic droid processor in the helmets and access to the phalanx battle system on their heads up display.

"Alright ladies and gentleman, I expect the finishing touches to be done before dinner. We need to push this through and activate it soon" Marie said with almost a giddy tone. Project Pantheon was expanding and becoming greater, and with better and greater soldiers intelligence needed to follow with it. Intel helped saved lives and was one of the most important things that could be put in the hands of a warrior. Project Pantheon did not breed dumb beasts that charged head first into battle. With this system not only could Czars but the average soldier wouldn't need to charge in. they could dissect the situation and formulate a plan to take them down with the least amount of friendly casualties sustained. Hopefully her ideas and aspiration wouldn't be passed up and the system would be put into effect.