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Approved NPC Patrol Group Navarro

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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Intent: A planetary defense force for Varunda IX.
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Role: This task force provides basic patrol, customs enforcement, and armed response services for the planet Varunda IX and environs.
Links: Varunda IX, New Habat

Task Force Fleet Name: Patrol Group Navarro
Allegiance: The planet Varunda IX
Lead Ship: Nebulon-B Escort Frigate 'Choro Murr' - 2 Squadrons - Captain Jorwalla
  • Nebulon-B Escort Frigate 'Wuhulla' - 2 Squadrons - Captain Bereko
  • CR90 Corvette 'Verdant One' - 1/2 Squadron - Commander Bluett
  • CR90 Corvette 'Verdant Two' - 1/2 Squadron - Commander Aruwuul
  • CR90 Corvette 'Verdant Three' - 1/2 Squadron - Commander Tysen
  • CR90 Corvette 'Verdant Four' - 1/2 Squadron - Commander Cleigh
  • CR90 Corvette 'Verdant Five' - 1/2 Squadron - Commander Faltire
  • Braha'tok Gunship 'Jade One' - Commander Dor'baht
  • Braha'tok Gunship 'Jade Two' - Commander Varik
  • Braha'tok Gunship 'Jade Three' - Commander Cu'herth
  • Braha'tok Gunship 'Jade Four' - Commander Lesh
  • PB-950 Patrol Boat 'Lianna Aurek' - Lieutenant Arteri
  • PB-950 Patrol Boat 'Lianna Besh' - Lieutenant Noduhl
  • PB-950 Patrol Boat 'Lianna Cresh' - Lieutenant Griesse
  • PB-950 Patrol Boat 'Lianna Desh' - Lieutenant Belloe
  • PB-950 Patrol Boat 'Lianna Esk' - Lieutenant Marcue
  • PB-950 Patrol Boat 'Lianna Forn' - Lieutenant Savanne
  • PB-950 Patrol Boat 'Lianna Grek' - Lieutenant Karstairs
Total Length: 1969m
Notable Characters:
  • Ashin Varanin holds a reserve commission, and is occasionally called to assist Patrol Group Navarro.
  • Commanders listed above.
Ports of Call: Varunda IX, Val'Hala, Endor, Cerea, Riflor, Annaj, Vassek, Varada V

  • Patrol Group Navarro's small, quick vessels, many of which can deploy starfighter squadrons, offer the flexibility to address multiple situations at once.
  • With a frigate as its largest vessel, Patrol Group Navarro can attack and retreat much more quickly than your average fleet.
  • In a straight-up slugging match, Patrol Group Navarro will get hurt. Apart from its small patrol boats, none of its ships are exactly known for their durability.
  • Patrol Group Navarro can engage well at short and standard ranges. However, at long or extreme ranges, none of its weapons can take a serious swing at much of anything.
  • Patrol Group Navarro is a bit of an ethical compromise. Most of Varunda IX's population is Tyia Thuwisten or Ithorian, cultures which value peace above just about anything. However, the more pragmatic elements of the Varundana confederation's leadership have a long history with the Jade Worlds - the militaristic government that ruled much of the region until three decades ago. Likewise, during the more recent years of the Fringe Confederation's rule, the Lords of the Fringe encouraged and bolstered Varundana self-defense capability. Varunda IX's patrol forces were trained by Jade Worlds and Fringe veterans, many of whom still serve.
  • Patrol Group Navarro has strict standards of engagement; at the end of the day, they answer to a planet of borderline pacifists. Elements of the popular Tyia religion, such as the emphasis on honor, have been woven throughout a pragmatic and sensible policy of self-defense and protection of the innocent. As a result, Patrol Group Navarro has done a decent job of handling pirate crews, Unknown Regions alien raiders, and aggressive Blood Trail smugglers.
  • The Varundana ships are replicas of old designs, manufactured within the past couple of decades. They're serviceable in their way, but nothing special.
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